Respawn Entertainment Hired a Fan to Work on Apex Legend and Titanfall’s Lore

Respawn Entertainment definitely has a couple of titles that have reached fans across the whole globe in a successful manner. The most recent Apex Legends Battle Royale has definitely contributed to strengthening the rows of Respawn Entertainment, as the seek for gifted individuals most definitely continues.

Respawn Entertainment has hired a fan to keep tabs on the world of Apex Legends. The hiring of such an individual was inspired by his knowledge regarding the lore of Apex Legends and Titanfall. In the most recent Spotlight Series hosted by EA, Respawn Entertainment has discussed how the team hired a community member to the writing team. You know… when the student becomes the master? Well, Chad Grenier looks confident in his new colleague’s skills, as he stated the following:

“As the game gets bigger, and we’ve got more devs working on the game, we needed to really document and start cataloging our lore and what we’ve done, what we haven’t done, and who’s who. The fan had already been essentially doing that for free, so we just reached out and asked do you want to work for us? Now he works at Respawn, and he’s our lore expert now.”

We know how Apex Legends is indirectly linked to Titanfall and how its universe might expand based on the Titanfall series. Titanfall has probably been the right inspiration for developing the Battle Royale sensation, and the growth of Apex Legends is just confirming how involved the developer is.

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