Don’t Forget to Watch EA Play Live 2021 and witness news about Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 fans anywhere? Well, I am so excited to see what they would reveal today, or more precisely, how the Battlefield HUB would work and allow players to play old remastered maps coming from previous Battlefield titles. If you’re unaware, EA Play 2021’s broadcast has already begun, going through an intro phase before it jumps to the real deal.

In other words, recent rumors have discovered that there will be around 13 maps once the game launches, on the contrary of CoD Vanguard’s 8 maps on release. This could indicate how popular Battlefield 2042 would be once it releases and may surpass CoD in success for the first time in a long period. Hence, we’re excited to see what EA has to reveal about Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is just one of the games that will be revealed. Other titles such as Apex Legends and other rivalries. F1 2021 is also planned to be a part of the showcase, so make sure you tune in and see what EA has in plans for the year 2021.

How and where to watch EA Play Live 2021

If you’re behind and have actually forgotten about the event, the YouTube broadcast itself is linked at the top of this article. The live event is still in countdown during the time of this writing and should start very soon. Furthermore, the event is live streamed on Twitch.

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