Street Fighter’s Guile and Cammy are Coming to Fortnite

The second batch of Street Fighter challengers is almost here thanks to another Fortnite x Capcom collab. Those are Guile and Cammy from the very renowned Street Fighter game, as they are ready to settle onto the Fortnite Island, just in time for the Ariana Grande concert. Both of them are joining Fortnite on August 7, at 8 PM ET.

Cammy’s skin can be acquired with a challenge before arriving on the item shop, by competing in the Cammy Cup on August 5, while Guile will certainly be behind a paywall. I have to admit, they made sure he looks good and very resembling of the original game. According to the official press release:

You’ll have the opportunity to win the Cammy Outfit and Borealis Backer Back Bling before it hits the Item Shop by competing in the Cammy Cup on August 5. Grab a friend and square off in this Duos tournament. Top performing teams in each region will receive the Cammy Outfit Borealis Backer Back Bling, and any team that earns at least 8 points will receive the Round Two Loading Screen.


Making his way from the airbase to the Battle Bus, Guile — in all his flat top glory — touches down in Fortnite. The Guile Outfit showcases the classic green fatigues first worn in the original Street Fighter II and adds a beach-ready Glistening Guile Variant and K.O. Backbling.


A member of Delta Red, Cammy is ready for action. Alongside the classic Cammy Outfit, you’ll also be able to equip the Borealis Backer Back Bling and Tactical Cammy Variant. 

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