Escape From Tarkov’s Dynamic Loot Event Seems Fake

Escape From Tarkov has added Dynamic Loot event, which is more likely to grow into a permanent addition. Dynamic loot has been planned for a long time, and both the players and developers wanted to see this plan being realized. Our loyal scav patron, Fence, recently gave us clues about the new loot event, saying that everything static and known to players is now dynamized, meaning you can no longer find it at its usual spot that often.

Fence Message Announcing the Dynamic Loot Event

“So listen up, I am only telling you this because we got along well, the past places with the stuff – are no more relevant. My people removed and stashed almost all the valuables. So keep in mind, look for it elsewhere on the locations.”

After the confirmation by Nikita that this is indeed a word about a dynamic loot, players have started forging their allegations. Recently, a group of players, including myself, have jumped deeper into testing to see if the dynamic loot in Escape From Tarkov is actually true. Not to mention, Twitch streamers have started doing the same. So playing and monitoring streamers at the same time was kind of interesting.

Duffle Bags, Stashes, Searchable

The sad part in all of this is that we did not see anything dynamic being spawned on the map, except maybe for the duffle bags, boxes, and Jaeger stashes. Speaking of duffle bags: “Keep in mind that the duffle bags are still bugged on Interchange, and you shouldn’t be amazed if you see them closed. Just close and reopen them.” Duffle bags contained some good items, but it’s always been that way if you were lucky enough. They had some god-tier items if you’re lucky enough. But, what’s with the Loot Table in general?

Loot Table

Escape From Tarkov’s Loot Table is changed. There’s no question about it. The good items are no longer in their ordinary position (except for some), meaning they should be scattered around the other loot spawns of the same category or at a completely new spot. Yet again, we cannot confirm this, but let’s see how it’s supposed to work. In Escape From Tarkov, there are medical spawns, technology spawns, consumable spawns, etc.

  • Med Spawns – LEDX, Defibrillator, Salewa, and all other medically categorized items can be pulled from the loot table. The same applies to the other categories.

Basically said every item section could and should spawn a loot from its repository. So, if there was a ground spawn with IFAK or Salewa (ex. CUSTOMS electricity building), it can now spawn a LEDX, Defib, or else. Of course, if you’re lucky enough. So far, we haven’t seen anything like it since the start of the event.

Overall, it feels like the event it’s just a straight NERF to the loot. We haven’t found anything out of the ordinary except a very peculiar spawn of a Saiga-9 inside a trunk (check image below), and friends of mine found GPUs as more frequent spawn in Jaeger stashes. I have seen weapons before, but this is a first in this trunk. Other than that, nothing unusual.


So, is Dynamic Loot really working in Tarkov? We’d say yes, it is. However, it’s definitely the first iteration, and a more improved version is definitely queued to arrive. If it’s not a dynamic loot, then it’s a word about a nerf. Make sure you check all the static loot spawns and report anything out of the ordinary.

Another possibility would be Battlestate Games doing this on purpose as an anti-cheat measure. That would be hiding high-value loot and seeing who interacts with it. But I doubt it’s that too. Overall it feels like the loot has been nerfed, and we haven’t found juicy items as we used to before.

P.S. I was not publishing this article as I wanted to learn more about the recent event in Escape From Tarkov.

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