Where Are The Cheaters In Escape From Tarkov?

Well, I’ve been playing Escape From Tarkov for a while now after quite a long break due to abnormally executions and whatnot. Before I came back to the game, the game was definitely plagued by cheaters, for which Nikita came out publicly a couple of times. Last heard, he stated that most cheaters in Escape From Tarkov are dealt with and should no longer be an issue. By hearing that, I was inclined to jump in and have a look myself. 20 matches later, I asked, where are all of the cheaters in Escape From Tarkov? Did they perish?

Cheaters Cheaters Cheaters

Considering it’s a cat and mouse game and a neverending fight against third-party software developers that want to imbue their tiny wicked code in the EFT executable to dominate other players, I have to say something. Escape From Tarkov has been pure entertainment lately. In the last 20 matches, I’ve encountered only 2 weird occurrences, for which I cannot verify if they were using some sort of “augmentation” or not. Hence, where are all the cheaters in Escape From Tarkov?

I have to stop asking that question because it will be suspicious. People would think I want them back. No, please go away. It’s a lot better like this! Radars, wallhacks, aimbots, aimbots, ricochet, or whatever, just get away once and for all. Stop destroying this phenomenal shooter! I am actually happy to be writing this. I hope this article retains the player base and doesn’t bring more “real gamers.”

Since the last wipe of Escape From Tarkov, many players have complained about hackers. I did too. However, it really seems that the banhammer was activated because I rarely encounter them anymore. Have you encountered any of them lately? Tell us in the comments below!

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