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Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes

Escape From Tarkov, one of the most realistic shooter video games, has decided to deploy a brand new update that introduces many bug fixes and visual and graphical changes. This update is praised just because of the shadow rendering distance change. By default, each client will render shadows up to 500 meters, regardless of its settings. The resampling system has also been reworked, which should optimize the game’s performance.

There are tons of minor fixes that address some known issues, such as the excessive RAM consumption after finishing a raid, and overall if you ask me, the game feels a bit slower. Another good change is that the client-server actions such as broken glasses should be synchronized between all players. This would imbue better awareness between players, as they will pinpoint if someone had gone through a particular area.

Overall, I like where Escape From Tarkov is going. These changes were needed, and it’s good to see all these issues addressed before new year’s wipe. Without further ado, you can find the complete patch notes for below.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes

Optimization and Performance.

  • Made adjustments that allowed to reduce the amount of consumed RAM after finishing a raid.
  • Changed the logic of in-game fonts that allowed to reduce memory consumption.
  • Enabled Reflex no longer affects performance in the Hideout.
  • Optimized the logic of loading character voices in raid, which reduced the time to load into raids.
  • Optimized the sound batch loading, which reduced memory consumption and time to load into raids.
  • Optimized the location loading time by rationalizing the logic of storing game resources.
  • Optimized the memory consumption of the client by unloading all unused scenes from the memory.
  • Optimized trader offer search time while using context search and filters.
  • Added the “Enable Hideout pre-load” option in the game settings. If the option is enabled, it pre-loads the Hideout; if the option is disabled, the Hideout will load only when accessed. Disabling this option will reduce the main menu loading time when starting the game and after finishing raids. The option is disabled by default.

Visual and Graphical Changes:

  • Shadow render distance is increased to 500 m regardless of shadow quality settings to ensure correct shading on locations. The resampling system has also been reworked to optimize performance.
  • Fixed the work of the camera that led to weapon distortion on screen edges on some FOV settings.

Gameplay and QOL Сhanges:

  • Reworked the game logic of the inventory, item moving and context menus to minimize the number of errors that occurred in the stash.
  • Added the ability to change weapon fire modes “by rotation” by double-pressing the fire mode key.
  • Added a “to menu” button to the first post-raid screen to skip all next screens.
  • Added a checkmark that lets you know if a weapon matches the Mechanic’s task requirements when inspecting it in the preset menu.
  • Added the maximum single fire rate parameter for all weapons.
  • All broken and damaged window glass is now synchronized between all players even if loading into an already ongoing raid.
  • The AI of all Scavs, Raiders, and Bosses has been moved to a new technology platform that will allow us to expand and increase the complexity of AI-driven unit behaviour, and also increase the number of Scavs in a single raid in the future.
  • Completely redesigned the quest system engine. This will decrease the number of errors in the quest system and will facilitate the creation of more diverse and engaging quest mechanics in the future.
  • Optimized the formula of calculating Fence reputation penalty when killing Scavs while having a high reputation.
  • Changing the quality settings of shadows and textures, choosing graphics presets and changing the Mip Streaming option is no longer possible during a raid.
  • Redesigned the system of game settings that allowed to avoid several existing problems when changing parameters.
  • Now, when trying to create an offer with missing items for sale, a “No available items” message will appear.
  • The raid session id in the bottom left corner is now unique for every player. It will no longer be possible to tell on which server a streamer is currently playing.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Various object penetration fixes on locations.
  • Players would not speed up when holding the sprint key while moving prone.
  • Scav faction was displayed as “SAVAGE” instead of “SCAV” on the lobby screen.
  • Game freezes when starting/handing items for a craft.
  • TOZ KS-23M Carbine was shooting well below the aiming point.
  • Players were not receiving mail with aid while in distress condition.
  • Leaning position was not resetting after moving and pressing the lean key again if the lean key was set to “Press”.
  • Weapon loading through the chamber was leveling the “Mag Drills” skill slower than the supposed value.
  • Hideout areas could remain inaccessible at the end of the build timer until the game was restarted.
  • Players could freeze on the stationary weapon after using gestures or quick-releasing their backpack.
  • Chambered cartridge would get pulled out of the chamber if the player used the “Top-Up” on this type of cartridge in the stash.
  • The “Memory” skill would not grow by 5% from the current level when the player levels another skill by 1 level.
  • Tagilla would go through the cistern collision and get stuck inside it.
  • The breathing sounds would not play when loading into a raid with Tagilla’s “UBEY” or “Gorilla” welding masks equipped.
  • Cultist knife poison amount would not get counted correctly.
  • Flashlight light would go through obstacles.
  • If the player spammed the compass key while dropping a backpack, the compass would not appear in the hand, but the azimuth would appear on the HUD.
  • Players could move without animation if they quickly pressed the movement keys.
  • Truck windows were visible through the fog on the “Customs” location.
  • Fixed various issues causing “error 500”.
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