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Escape From Tarkov’s latest update fixes shadows and more

Battlestate Games has released a brand new Escape From Tarkov update that addresses issues caused by the latest 500m default shadow distance rendering. Furthermore, it addresses some known issues that have been a minor pain for players, such as the ability to throw a grenade through the wall at Labs. Not going to lie, I’ve been killed a couple of times in the hangar, just below the fridge corridor. Hugging that wall was scary, and I’ve never been doing that since then.

Apparently, after the game’s restart, shadows within the 500-meter radius were displayed incorrectly after restarting the game, which anomaly required a client update. Before this, players have also been able to bring full wallets with money higher than the allowed limit. With that said, it’s crazy.

After the raid is finished, it’s recommended that players restart the game and update the client. Even if the update requires a client update, players won’t be forced out of raids. Instead, the raid time will be reduced to 10 minutes, and everyone could extract anywhere.

Without further ado, take a look at the full patch notes below.

  • Shadows within a 500-meter radius were displayed incorrectly after restarting the game;
  • Ability to throw a grenade through the wall at The Lab location;
  • Items from the “Mail” tab would not mouse-drag into a container with free space;
  • Ability to put money into secured containers above the established limit;
  • Missing error message when trying to install a mod onto a weapon with no free surrounding slots;
  • Ammo would freeze if a player tried to put it into magazines at the Scav item transfer screen;
  • Missing “slot is not empty” contextual hint when trying to install a weapon mod onto an equipped weapon.
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