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Escape From Tarkov “Sanitary Standards” Quest Guide

Sanitary Standards is a quest given by Therapist on, and it’s available at level 4 after accomplishing Shortage.

Escape From Tarkov Sanitary Standards Quest Details

Sanitary Standards Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Good afternoon. I have an urgent job for you. It is important for all who still live or, more precisely, exist in our woeful region. Do you know where the chemical factory is? Doesn’t matter now what was produced there and what is happening there now. I mean, who controls it or who tries to secure it. I have a firm suspicion that some sort of poison is leaking from the factory premises into the groundwater. And because of the lack of supplies from the outside, we are all forced to drink this water. Do you understand? Even the filters are no longer effective. If we do not resolve this issue, nobody would need ammo and grenades anymore. To figure it out I need the readings of radio and gas analyzers, which should be in the factory shops next to the water pumps. Look for a small separate room right in the workshops and that’s the place where you should be. If you don’t them find there, then look elsewhere, this is no longer my business, where exactly you get it from.


  • Find 1 Gas analyzer in raid
    • (Optional) Get access to the locked pumping station on Factory


  • +2200 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with Therapist
  • 2 Car first aid kit
  • 14,000 Roubles
  • Unlock the purchase of Car first aid kit

Rewards Dialogue

About time. You did an important service to many, if not everyone.


Well, since this guide is made and updated with patch 0.12.12, I can only say good luck finding a Gas Analyzer. Something happened, and the Gas Analyzer spawn has been reduced, and it’s pretty hard to find it. I would encourage you to start searching for toolboxes and visit industrial spots more often. Some of the maps good for this:

  • Interchange
  • Customs
  • Reserve
  • Factory pumping station.

Check the metal rafters on all the maps too.

The pumping station keys are irrelevant in this scenario because the spawn of the Gas Analyzer there is regulated by a percentage. It’s not a 100% spawn chance, so I would say doing the quests on other maps than Factory is a more vital option.

To complete the quest you need to return the Gas Analyzer to Therapist. This quest is followed by Sanitary Standards Part 2.

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