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Escape From Tarkov “The Bunker – Part 2” Quest Guide

The Bunker – Part 2 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Prapor at level 10. It is available after you complete The Bunker – Part 1.

Escape From Tarkov “The Bunker Part 2” Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Bunker Part 2 Quest Image

Quest Dialogue

Hey, merc, you are just in time, you are exactly who I need. Do you remember that fucking command bunker you found under the Reserve base? Long story short, my guys went there, and it turned out to be a real nasty place. Built with a high level of protection: filters, generators, all entrances are blocked by extremely strong hermetic locks, it’s like an underground fortress. But the raiders opened the fucking thing and dug in like Alabama ticks. So, my men got in serious trouble, less than half made it out of there. But you know, now it’s even more intriguing, for fuck’s sake. So my people will not go there anymore for no reason, but if you could find a safe route for them… You are an experienced guy, so I need you to quietly, on those soft paws of yours, find out where all the entrances are. The guys said the entrances had those big hermetic doors. So it’s up to you to scout the way in.


  • Locate the hermetic door leading to the hospital (White Bishop)
  • Locate one of the two hermetic doors leading to the academy building (Black Bishop)
  • Locate one of the two hermetic doors leading to barracks №1 (Black Pawn)
  • Locate one of two hermetic doors leading to barracks №2 (White Pawn)
  • Locate the hermetic door leading to the building of the air control center (King)
  • Survive and extract from the location

Rewards Dialogue

Welcome back, I’m listening. Aha, so that’s how it is… The door is right there, right? Just draw it right on top of my map, don’t worry. So this bunker connects almost all facilities of the base? Fuck, how convenient, you could travel half the base under everyone’s nose. Now it’s clear why the raiders are there, the entire base is under control there. Thank you, warrior! Here’s your reward.


  • 9200 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with Prapor
  • Kalashnikov AKS-74UB 5.45×39 assault rifle
  • 120 5.45x39mm BS gs (120)
  • 25,000 Roubles
  • AK CAA RS47 handguard
  • AK-74M CAA AKTS AK74 buffer tube


This quest could be quite tiring if you want to rush it, so we would advise you to go slowly. Now when VoIP is reality, it might be even easier to do. The only hard part would be extracting, since this early in wipe not many people have acquired Red Rebel. But, before you get there, you need to find all the underground joints, or better said the entrances of to the buildings listed above.

As we said, the only advice is to go slowly and do not rush, as most of the players nowadays want to go there at the beginning of the raid. The underground usually turns in fiesta, even the D2 extract is crowded sometimes. The images below could serve you as a reference, but if you’re new, you should practice the map in offline first and get familiar with Reserve’s underbelly.

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