Escape From Tarkov’s Latest Update Buffs The Rogues on Lighthouse

Escape From Tarkov has received a brand new update that changes a couple of known issues. Battlestate Games remains vigilant shortly after the deployment of patch 0.12.12, which has caused a couple of problems that now have to be fixed. This is yet another Escape From Tarkov update after the Lighthouse performance patch. So, what’s changed?

Lighthouse is the new Escape From Tarkov map that introduced a wholly unique gameplay experience. Namely, there are USEC Rogues that have decided to hold the Water Treatment Plant and defend it from dangerous travelers, while at the same time they have sworn to engage on opposing faction, BEARs. Well, these Rogues were not as brutal since players found a way to farm them over and over again. That is likely to be changed because today’s update tweaks them. Now, the Rogues will open fire at a further distance.

According to the developer, they will now react to scav players at a larger distance and open fire on warned players a lot earlier. This endangers the USECs quite a lot, and BEARs on the other side will have to coast around the zone without breaking in. Any faction player that gets too close to a stationary weapon will be fired upon.

Furthermore, the update addresses the Trader reputation problem caused by completing the quest “Chemical – Part 4”. The issue is no longer persistent, and soon, players will be compensated for their lost reputation. This update also fixes some other core issues. Below you can find the complete list of changes available with today’s update.

Escape From Tarkov December 17 Changes

  • Fixed an issue due to which players could lose reputation with traders after completing the quest “Chemical – Part 4”. The lost reputation will be compensated soon;
  • Fixed and revised sniper fire zones near the lighthouse on the location of the same name;
  • Fixed geometry of the river and ponds at the Shoreline location;
  • Removed incorrect water geometry at the Reserve location;
  • Fixed a graphic artifact (flare) in the Hideout when the Resampling 2x, 4x option is on;
  • Improved splash effect when shooting at the water;
  • Fixed lighting on the grass during rain when the SSR option is on;
  • Fixed an issue due to which the USEC safe was opened with a different key;
  • Fixed an issue due to which Shturman could take unreliable cover;
  • Fixed an incorrect value when displaying the gained experience after a Run-Through;
  • Fixed an error that could occur while inspecting a barter item;
  • Rogues will now react to Scav-player presence at a larger distance;
  • Rogues will now give players less time to retreat after warning them;
  • Rogues will attack without warning any player who gets too close to a stationary weapon.

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