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Escape From Tarkov “Introduction” Quest Guide

Introduction is the second quest available from Mechanic at level 3. It is used for unlocking Jaeger as a trader so you could use his services and start his questline. Updated with 0.12.12

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Quest Details

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Introduction Quest Dialogue

Mercenary, come here, I’ve been waiting for you. Just a couple of hours ago, my old friend Jaeger got in touch with me and informed me that he had quite useful information for me. The package with the information I need is encrypted and is located in the Priozersk Natural Reserve area. Where exactly – Jaeger did not specify, but he left a clue: “Look where the hunger would wait for his prey. Where the iron bird has fallen. Bring me this package and I’ll introduce you to Jaeger, he’ll definitely have work for you.


  • Find Jaeger’s camp on Woods
  • Obtain Jaeger’s encrypted message
  • Hand over the message

Reward Dialogue

Do you have it? Good job. Well, I think you’re worthy to get in contact with Jaeger. He might have plenty of work for you.


  • 30,000 Roubles
  • +4500 XP
  • +0.03 Reputation with Mechanic
  • Unlocks Jaeger


The quest requires you to find Jaeger’s camp, which is “next to an iron bird”. That is the crashed airplane which is found somewhere in the middle of the map.

For a better bearing, this is where the location of the watch tower is. It is next to the nose of the crashed plane.

Standing right next to the watch tower where the letter can be found. The airplane is ahead of me, so you know the bearing better.
The location of the letter.

Once you find and pick up the letter which is hidden under the watch tower, you shouldn’t die and extract. Once you extract, you should deliver the item to Mechanic. Keep in mind that dying with the item in your quest inventory would make you lose the item, so make sure you return your quest items before you hop into a new raid.

This is a very easy quest and could easily be paired with Shortage from Therapist. Woods is not a poor map, and it contains a lot of food spawns, medical items, etc. This means that finding an Iskra ration packsEmelya Rye croutons, or Cans of beef stew (Large), is of a high advantage, as they will be required by Jaeger’s first quest once you unlock him. Every sort of food required by Jaeger can be actually found on Woods, and that’s why it’s so good to pair it with his questline.

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