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Escape From Tarkov “Kind of Sabotage” Quest Guide

Kind of Sabotage is a quest in Escape From Tarkov, given by Skier. The quest becomes available after activating Supply Plans by Therapist.

Escape From Tarkov Kind of Sabotage Quest Details

Kind of Sabotage Quest Image

Kind of Sabotage Quest Dialogue

A little bird told me that you want to find some folder and pass it on to the medic girl. We have a business here, and I have my own interest in disrupting her operations, you know. A kind of sabotage, eh? Come on, bring this folder to me, and I’ll treat you right, send some proper cash your way, and there will be more trust for you. The hell I need it for? Don’t play dumb, take a guess. I’m opening branches here, building up the operation, and quality grub from those who’ve been preparing for all this crap in advance will sell like hotcakes through my channels. But I’m rambling, come on, go on your way, I’ll be here packing your cash. Oh, and don’t you think that this woman is doing all this shit for the good of the people, I’m familiar with her business.


Hand over Secure Folder 0052 to Skier


  • +4500 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Skier
  • ~200,000 Roubles

Reward Dialogue

Well, blah. Nicely done! Take it, as promised. Double-crossing is not for me. See ya, keep in touch.

Failure Penalty and Dialogue

  • -0.04 reputation with Skier

What a prick you are, for sure. Got a word you gave the folder to that medic after all. Fucking Savior of mankind.


The quest has the same properties as Supply Plans from Therapist, and can be returned to both of the traders. However, for a better overview and understanding of the same, I’ll post the image of the Wooden Shack on Woods and the Location of the Folder in the images below.

Wooden Shack no.3 on Woods

Quest Item “Secure Folder 0052” inside Wooden Shack no.3, under the bed.

So, would you team up with Skier or Therapist?

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