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Escape From Tarkov “Missing Cargo” Quest Guide

Missing Cargo is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Skier. It’s been added with the latest major update 0.12.12, and it takes place on the new map, Lighthouse.

Escape From Tarkov Missing Cargo Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Missing Cargo Quest Image

Missing Cargo Quest Dialogue

Hey, tactical, come on in! Do you remember that civilian helicopter that was shot down somewhere by the Lighthouse, according to rumors? So, the headache is that on that helicopter was a certain man with an inconspicuous folder, but it, in fact, was very much conspicuous – a lot of money was paid for it. Well, a birdie said the helicopter got shot down somewhere on the way to our meeting point. So here’s your task: confirm the helicopter’s whereabouts and that the rumors are true. Then find that folder for me, it’s extremely important. I’ve got no idea who could’ve shot it down, honestly. Who’s got the resources for that?.. USECs? I did hear that they took a liking to those cottages near the mountains, so it might be worth checking that area out. Hope those stray westerners didn’t nick my goodie.


  • Locate the crashed helicopter on Lighthouse
  • Find the informant’s intelligence folder
    • Hand over the folder


  • +14000 XP
  • ~68,000 Roubles
  • Unlocks the purchase of Magpul MOE Carbine stock (Black)
  • Unlocks the purchase of AK Zenit RK-3 pistol grip

Reward Dialogue

Opa, here’s my goodie! So, it indeed was in the USEC cottages, you’re saying? And the d*** chopper was there too? Looks like the rumors were true. I knew it couldn’t have gone far. Otherwise, there would’ve been a big uproar! The USECs had no reason to spread the info through, they were probably waiting for orders from the command, but, well, you know what happened. Alrighty, here’s your reward.


This quest asks you to head to the new map, Lighthouse. First, you need to find the crashed helicopter, which is not too hard to find since it’s still smoking. After that, you need to head to the Chalet and find the informant’s intelligence folder. Last, you need to survive the raid and extract. But let’s see where everything is located.

Crashed Helicopter and Chalet Map Locations

Both of the places are close to each other, as you may have already noticed. However, for better explanation and overview, take a look at the images below:

The helicopter crash is located straight east of Chalet. Just follow the road and you will notice a dark smoke in the sky. Just head towards there. The crashed helicopter is just east of the first road curve. Good luck!

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