A Pikachu-Inspired Car Featured In New Japanese TV Show

The Pokemon franchise is one of those franchises that is part of every chapter in a human being’s life. From childhood memories to adult walks trying to catch a Pokemon or buy a Pikachu plushie.

Many things are Pokemon-inspired, but the newest one, a Japanese variety TV show, might turn out to be a fun show that every generation can watch. The newest Japanese TV show is called “Pokemon to Doko Iku!?” and it will begin airing on small screens sometime in April.

The focus of the series will be travelling. The hosts of the show will be travelling all over the world in a Pikachu-shaped car to meet people that are fans of the Pokemon franchise. The show’s abbreviated name, PokeDoko, will have Shoko Nakagawa and Ryogo Matsumaru as hosts and Abareru-kun, the person that will be driving this amazing Pikachu car.

The first episode will air on TV Tokyo on April 3rd, 2022, and it will feature a celebrity that has not been announced yet.

Will you be watching this TV show? Do you like this unique car?

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