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Dying Light 2’s next “Patch 3” will add New Game+ Mode

More reasons to re-visit the game and have fun.

Dying Light 2 has been such a great and entertaining game but has slowly fallen behind in content, leading players to depart from the game. On Tuesday, the developer Techland has announced that the game is far from being done, and it is planning to introduce an NG+ that will give players a reason to come back to the game. All of that is supposed to arrive with the next major update for Dying Light 2.

For those unaware, New Game+ is usually a game mode unlocked after completing the whole game. It may offer unique and distinct bonuses or features that are not available during the first playthrough.

Entertaining the parkour fans has been quite the challenge, and the developer is seeking new ways to inject fresh content for its player base to have fun. The upcoming and major Patch 3 is supposed to land by the end of April. The patch notes are scarce, but the confirmation of a New Game+ is more than needed to hype up its player base.

Whether it is a replay mode, a challenge mode, or else, New Game+ has always been entertaining in most games. The developer announced that this update would be huge and consist of a handful of important bug fixes for both multi and single-player game modes. Full patch notes are estimated to be available once the update goes live.

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