Escape From Tarkov’s EOD Edition Will be Removed Upon Game’s Full Release

BSG's store will remove the priciest product from its store once the game releases completely.

For some expenditure, for others, a relief. Escape From Tarkov‘s different game editions all bring various benefits to your account. Some of them can be argued as pay-2-win elements, even if they’re not as impactful as everyone thinks. One of the game editions currently available as a purchase option is the EOD (Edge of Darkness) edition of the game, which not only gives you a bigger secure container but also guarantees free access to subsequent DLCs.

Even if DLCs haven’t been a part of Escape From Tarkov so far, there’s one coming soon. The release of the Escape From Tarkov Arena, which despite its “standalone” property, will be considered as a DLC. That means owners of the EOD edition will get the game for free, while others will have to buy it separately.

So, what’s the catch here? On Thursday, Battlestate Games announced that the EOD edition will no longer remain a purchasable option once the game leaves Early Access. You can find the official announcement below, which occurred during today’s TarkovTV podcast. As per Nikita’s words, the EOD edition will leave the store for good only once the game leaves its Early Access phase and finally represent a final product.

Is the EOD edition a must-have? Not necessarily, no. Every content depicted or granted with the purchase of the EOD edition can be pretty much excavated by grinding the game. With a 6-month wipe timeline, everyone can achieve greatness, but the only thing I would be concerned about is the “free access to subsequent DLCs.” If any additional DLCs are coming in the near future, owners of the EOD edition will still have secured access to them, despite its removal from the store. So, is it worth purchasing the EOD edition of the game? Based on this, I am more than sure that buying the EOD edition is much more beneficial than just getting a larger secure container. That’s all.

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