For Honor Patch 2.36.2 Nerfs Conqueror’s Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection Damage

Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs!

For Honor, the medieval fighter game developed by Ubisoft received a new patch. This patch focuses on providing better gameplay experience by nerfing the Conqueror. With that said, one of the abilities impacted from this update is the Flail Uppercut, which puts the Conqueror class in a bad spot. The ability also does not cause a small hitstun, meaning chain attacks will no longer be viable when used.

Furthermore, this update makes the Conqueror Light attacks have smaller trajectories, which should give players a breathing room, especially due to his notorious annoyance. He’s been one of the toughest classes to fight against, and this is what happens when it becomes a widespread issue. The patch is classified as 2.36.2, and for details, please check below:

For Honor Patch 2.36.2



  • Decreased Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection damage to 13 (from 17 and 16 respectively)
  • Decreased Chained Infinite Heavies damage to 22 damage (from 27)
  • All side Light attacks have smaller trajectories
  • Flail Uppercut no longer causes hitstun that makes the following Heavy attack unable to be dodged



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused rewards to not be granted after a match of Justice of Pharaohs when playing PvsAI Matchmaking OFF
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