Ghost of Tsushima has sold almost 10 million copies

The developers at Sucker Punch have announced that Ghost of Tsushima has shipped 9.73 million copies to date! The announcement arrives from Sucker Punch’s official Twitter profile, which also included other interesting figures regarding the game.

Based on the announcement itself, players completed over 91 million Legends mode missions and have petted over 75 million foxes. Thanks to the in-game photo mode, Ghost of Tsushima allowed players to take over 87 million photos of different breathtaking locations worth snipping. Furthermore, players have visited over 94 million onsen and spent 6437.4 years on horseback.

Below you can find the official announcement made by Sucker Punch Productions.

Based on the figures presented in the images above, Sucker Punch is most definitely working on a sequel. This has somewhat been indicted by the recent job listings posted by the developer. They’ve been seeking an Encounter Designer that will focus on an open-world game, with a focus on melee combat and stealth.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 and PS5.

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