After player outcry, MultiVersus will buff Tom & Jerry

After the recent tweaks and addresses performed by Player First Games, Tom & Jerry found themselves begging for mercy. While at first, the nerfs seemed very reasonable, after multiple played games, Tom & Jerry mains have realized they’re not holding the podium any longer. After player outcry, the developer decided to look for ways to bring Tom & Jerry back on the scene.

The confirmation for their buff has been posted by Tony Huynh, Co-Founder of Player First Games and Game Director of MultiVersus. Not to mention, it’s surprising to see how he addresses and answers most of the questions regarding MultiVersus posted on Twitter. A developer we all want to see in action.

The official confirmation of Tom & Jerry’s buff can be found in the tweet below.

MultiVersus is a zany platform fighter where players can enjoy playing with their favorite characters from the WB universe. In these types of games, the meta will always be shuffling, and at this very point, T&J is not looking for the brightest choice. Looking forward to see what Player First Games plans to do in the future.

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