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Pokemon Go Event Pokemon List, All Costume Pokemon Released in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon universe has many Pokemon forms, and in the popular mobile game named Pokemon Go, there are Pokemon known as Event or Costume Pokemon. Many players want to know how many costume Pokemon are in the game, so we’ve decided to make a list and share the info with the community.

This type of Pokemon is characteristic of the decoration it has, which is usually tied to a limited event. Event Pokemon look just like their normal form, except they have a fun decoration. Most times, Event Pokemon have the same stats, but there are instances where they are treated as if they are a different Pokemon, such as Alolan form, Galarian, and so on.

The great thing is that these Event Pokemon have their Shiny forms, and they are almost always available in events where Event Pokemon are present.

An important note: If you want to find Event Pokemon in your PokeDex, use the “costume” search filter and every Event Pokemon you have should pop up right away.

According to our findings, there are a total of 135 Event Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

All Costume Event Pokemon in Pokemon Go List

  1. 2022 Glasses Slowking
  2. Armored Mewtwo
  3. Ash Hat Pichu
  4. Ash Hat Pikachu
  5. Ash Hat Raichu
  6. Backward Cap Croagunk
  7. Bow Smoochum
  8. Cake Costume Pikachu
  9. Charizard Cap Pikachu
  10. Chimchar wearing Dawn’s Hat
  11. Chimchar wearing Luca’s Hat
  12. Christmas Bells Stantler
  13. Clone Blastoise
  14. Clone Charizard
  15. Clone Pikachu
  16. Clone Venusaur
  17. Costume Gengar Halloween
  18. Cowboy Hat Snorlax
  19. Cubone-costumed Charmander
  20. Detective Hat Pikachu
  21. Detective Hat Raichu
  22. Dugtrio wearing a fashionable costume
  23. Explorer Pikachu
  24. Fashionable Blitzle
  25. Fashionable Butterfree
  26. Fashionable Sneasel
  27. Flower Crown Blissey
  28. Flower Crown Buneary
  29. Flower Crown Chansey
  30. Flower Crown Eevee
  31. Flower Crown Espeon
  32. Flower Crown Flareon
  33. Flower Crown Glaceon
  34. Flower Crown Jolteon
  35. Flower Crown Leafon
  36. Flower Crown Lopunny
  37. Flower Crown Pichu
  38. Flower Crown Pikachu
  39. Flower Crown Raichu
  40. Flower Crown Sylveon
  41. Flower Crown Togekiss
  42. Flower Crown Togepi
  43. Flower Crown Togetic
  44. Flower Crown Umbreon
  45. Flower Crown Vaporeon
  46. Flower Hat Pikachu Spring Event 2020
  47. FLower Pikachu Go Fest 2022
  48. Flying Pikachu
  49. Flying Pikachu Air Adventure event
  50. Fragment Hat Pikachu
  51. Fragment Hat Raichu
  52. Gracidea Flower Pikachu
  53. Halloween Mischief Drifblim
  54. Halloween Mischief Pikachu
  55. Halloween Mischief Piplup
  56. Holiday Cubchoo
  57. Holiday Delibird
  58. Holiday Glaceon
  59. Holiday Pikachu
  60. Holiday Spheal
  61. Lapras wearing a scarf
  62. Litwick Hat Sableye
  63. Lucario Cap Pikachu
  64. Meloetta Hat Flygon
  65. Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta
  66. Meloetta Hat Galarian Zigzagoon
  67. Meloetta Hat Gardevoir
  68. Meloetta Hat Pikachu
  69. Mimikyu Costume Pikachu
  70. New Year Slowbro
  71. New Year Slowpoke
  72. New Year’s Hat Hoothoot
  73. New Year’s Hat Pichu
  74. New Year’s Hat Pikachu
  75. New Year’s Hat Raichu
  76. Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt Pikachu
  77. Original Cap Raichu
  78. Party Hat (Blue and green) Raticate
  79. Party Hat (Blue and green) Wobbuffet
  80. Party Hat (Blue and green) Wurmple
  81. Party Hat (Purple) Pichu
  82. Party Hat (Purple) Pikachu
  83. Party Hat (Purple) Raichu
  84. Party Hat (Red) Bulbasaur
  85. Party Hat (Red) Charmander
  86. Party Hat (Red) Eevee
  87. Party Hat (Red) Gengar
  88. Party Hat (Red) Nidorino
  89. Party Hat (Red) Pikachu
  90. Party Hat (Red) Squirtle
  91. Party Hat Charizard
  92. Party Hat Charmeleon
  93. Party Hat Pichu
  94. Party Hat Pikachu
  95. Party Hat Raichu
  96. Libre Pikachu
  97. Pikachu Visor Bulbasaur
  98. Pikachu Visor Charmander
  99. Pikachu Visor Squirtle
  100. Piplup wearing Dawn’s Hat
  101. Piplup wearing Luca’s Hat
  102. Pop Star Pikachu
  103. Pop Star Pikachu
  104. Rayquaza Cap Pikachu
  105. Rock Star Pikachu
  106. Safari Cap Pikachu
  107. Santa Hat Pichu
  108. Santa Hat Pikachu
  109. Santa Hat Raichu
  110. Shaymin Scarf Pikachu
  111. Shedinja-costumed Bulbasaur
  112. Straw Hat Pikachu
  113. Summer Hat Pichu
  114. Summer Hat Pikachu
  115. Summer Hat Raichu
  116. Sunglasses Absol
  117. Sunglasses Blastoise
  118. Sunglasses Squirtle
  119. Sunglasses Wartortle
  120. TCG Hat Pikachu
  121. Top Hat Kirlia
  122. Top Hat Shinx
  123. Toxicroak wearing a fashionable costume
  124. Turtwig wearing Dawn’s Hat
  125. Turtwig wearing Lucas’s Hat
  126. Umbreon Cap Pikachu
  127. Winter Beanie Pichu
  128. Winter Beanie Pikachu
  129. Winter Beanie Raichu
  130. Witch Hat Pichu
  131. Witch Hat Pikachu
  132. Witch Hat Raichu
  133. World Cap Pikachu
  134. World Cap Raichu
  135. World Championships 2022 Pikachu
  136. Yamask-costumed Squirtle
  137. Vulpix wearing a Spooky Festival costume
  138. Ninetales wearing a Spooky Festival costume
  139. Gengar wearing a Spooky Festival costume*
  140. Pumpkaboo wearing a Spooky Festival costume
  141. Gourgeist wearing a Spooky Festival costume

How many Costume Pokemon have you gotten so far? Tell us your number in the comments below.

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