Far Cry 6 Title Update 6 Patch Notes

Ubisoft has rolled out their most expansive update yet for Far Cry 6 – Title Update 6! This 26 GB game-changer includes the new Completionist Aid feature and a New Game + Mode, granting players an unparalleled experience.

With Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Store, it’s easy to download this latest installment with just a few clicks of your mouse. There are also plenty of patch notes available, so you can keep up with all their neat additions!

Far Cry 6 Title Update 6 Release Notes


New Game + has been added to the game and allows players to play through the Far Cry 6 campaign again with most of their equipment. Players can start NG+ from the main menu if they have a save that has completed the main campaign as their last played save. If there are several saves that have completed the campaign, NG+ will choose the most recently used one. New Game+ requires an empty save slot.

With New Game+:

  • Character selection
  • Select Difficulty
  • Full world reset
    • Mission progression
    • Treasure Hunts, Races, Military Installations
    • Los Banditos Operations and Rewards
    • World Map Fog of War
    • Intel
    • Hideouts
  • Equipment retention
    • After finishing “The Lucky One” you will find the Veteran’s Stash at Clara’s Camp
    • Base weapons, Weapon Attachments, Weapon Skins
    • Supremo Backpacks Variety and their Upgraded versions + Supremo Mods
    • Fishing Rods and Upgrades
    • Access Collectibles
      • Yaran Contraband
      • Roosters
      • USB Songs
      • Hidden Histories
    • Any DLC/Store Amigos
    • Rides unlock after “Fuel the Revolution”
      • All Hero Ride Vehicles
      • Hero Vehicle upgrades
      • Vehicle interior and exterior colors
      • Vehicle Rims & Horns
      • Vehicle Pickups
    • After Escaping Isla Santuario with Clara:
      • Black Market, Ubisoft Club and Store Items
    • Unlock after the applicable missions:
    • Juan of the Kind
      • Rifle Soft Target Rounds (Ammo)
      • Rifle Armor Piercing Rounds (Ammo)
  • Fire and Fury
    • Hazmat Mask MRK 1 (Gear)
    • Fuego Gloves (Gear)
  • Missions to get Amigos – Ability, Perk, Progressions
  • Base camp unlocks: Player Base Progress/Rewards
  • Things that do not transfer or unlock automatically when you start a NG+
  • Currencies: Uranium, Pesos, Moneda
  • Inventory (non transferable but players can regain)
  • Resolver Materials, Camp Resources, Tradables, Others (e.g. Spray Cans, Spec Ops Keys, Los Bandidos Recruits)
    • Logistics and Tools
    • Keys
  • Collectibles
  • Charada Symbols


The Completionist Aid is a new UI feature that allows players to easily track their progress towards the mastery of Far Cry 6. When opening the world map in-game, players will find a new widget that shows the progression of activities for each region.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite black screen after the cinematic of the “Juan of a Kind” mission.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Aoraki and Snowshoe errors when trying to start a Co-Op session from Single Player.
  • Also fixed an issue that could cause low FPS when starting a new game under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Enemy Silhouette default setting to be “On” when choosing Guerrilla Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the freezer in the Special Operation to be empty after the player had previously failed the objective, causing the Special Operation to be not completable.
  • Also fixed several incorrect or missing localizations.
  • Fixed an issue causing the minimap to be misaligned when switching UI and Font scaling options.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mission objective to disappear when the player died to an explosion during the “Sundown” mission.
  • Also fixed several missing Voice Over notifications when using the accessibility option.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Juan to not radio the player to trigger the Stranger Things intro mission correctly.

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