New Escape From Tarkov event on the rise?

It surrounds Sanitar's room...

Battlestate Games has posted a new tweet containing a letter in Russian language, potentially sounding new Escape From Tarkov event. Its contents remained unknown for a long time until we finally got a proper translation. Apparently, the letter is a “thanks by Ryzhy”, to all he players who have been dealing fighting against Sanitar on Customs.

If you haven’t been following the story, Sanitar came to Customs to find the one in charge of the solution to the Maze even. As for today’s letter, the translated contents can be found below:

Brothers, mentions (streamer names), nice. It was really nice of you to do all that stuff, and if it wasn’t like that you have no clue what would’ve happened now. Who knew that Sanitar and his minions are going to come to Customs to find me. I searched his boys while you obstructed him on Customs and I found a key to his room. I’ll check it out, maybe I’ll find something.

If it is not a current event, then this message is likely to be connected to one coming in the future. Everyone is trying to visit Sanitar’s rooms both on Shoreline and Labs. For that reason, the price of the keycard with blue mark has spiked quite high. In the meantime, Sanitar remains active on the territory of Customs, and hasn’t been removed.

Regarding the rooms, there is nothing particularly valuable inside of them, and for that reason, no one exactly knows what this letter means. If we find something new, we’ll update this article. Anyhow, knowing that we’re nearing the wipe, these events should intensify as time goes by. So, expect something cool coming soon.


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