Forspoken is Now Available on PS5

Now PlayStation 5 players can embark on an adventure in Athia with Forspoken, the new action RPG from Luminous Productions. Prepare for a thrilling experience as you journey through this vast world and uncover its mysteries – but don’t worry, PC gamers, your chance to join in is coming soon. Later today, worldwide release times will be announced so that all adventurers may join the quest at their own pace.

Frey Holland, a New Yorker, plucked from her city and thrown into the magical world of Athia to save it. The once-peaceful Tantas have been driven mad by an unknown force known as ‘The Break.’ With the help of Cuff, Frey must find the courage within herself and discover how she can use her newfound magic to restore peace in Athia while facing various obstacles.

Despite garnering polarized reactions, Forspoken offers some captivating combat dynamics. But those looking for a deeper narrative and engaging environments may be disappointed. The game will receive an upcoming DLC named In Tanta We Trust, which promises to explore an all-new prequel story full of thrilling surprises.

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