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Pokemon Go Scatterbug Medal Animation Screen Freeze

Trainers, it looks like there is a bug that’s causing the game to freeze and you must force quit and reopen the app again, but you will end up missing a Scatterbug medal.

According to various reports by the Pokemon Go community, a new bug has been discovered and players are not happy about it. Why? Well, because you must force quit, and then re-open the app again, and you will end up losing the medal. Yes, that’s right, and it’s not cool at all.

Pokemon Go freezes on the Scatterbug Medal screen and you must force quit and open the app again. Now, when you open Pokemon Go again, all of your progress will be lost and your Scatterbug Medal will no longer be there. This is very frustrating, and especially infuriating when you’re trying to collect a rare one.

If you happen to encounter this bug, there is a way to bypass it. Here is what you need to do in order to get the Medal and keep on grinding. This will help you get all the missing Scatterbug due to the reset.

Scatterbug Medal Screen Issue How to Fix It

  1. Reboot the game
  2. Go to the Medal Page/Screen
  3. Catch Scatterbug there

We all know that Pokemon Go will never be bug-free and there will always be something to be fixed. We hope Niantic and Pokemon Go will fix this issue immediately, so we don’t have to find ways to bypass all of their bugs.

We hope you never get to experience this because it’s not fun at all. We would like to hear your thoughts about this, so please leave a comment below.

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