Atlas Fallen Promises Extensive Gameplay with Engaging Side Activities

In a recent exclusive interview with Jan Klose, the co-founder and creative director of Deck13, fans of the upcoming action RPG Atlas Fallen received an exciting update on the game’s anticipated length and side activities. The game, which has already generated a significant amount of hype, promises to deliver 25-30 hours of engaging gameplay for players eager to complete every task. The interview has been conducted by SegmentNext.

Klose revealed that, in addition to the main quest, Atlas Fallen will offer a wide range of side activities for players to enjoy. These activities include hidden puzzles throughout the game world, treasure maps leading to hidden riches, and relics of old that can be activated to uncover more secrets. Players will also encounter watchtowers that cast evil spells on the land, which can be lifted by defeating challenging combat encounters.

Drawing inspiration from action RPGs like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, Atlas Fallen aims to set a high bar for the genre. The game’s combat system is said to be a mix of Devil May Cry and Darksiders, with fast-paced and flashy combat that is more forgiving than the Souls-like gameplay typically found in this genre. To cater to players seeking a more challenging experience, Deck13 has included multiple difficulty modes.

During the interview, Klose also touched on other gameplay aspects, including an extensive skill system, the ability to customize armor, and a unique online co-op system. As players explore the game’s vast deserts, caves, oases, mountain ranges, and forests, they’ll be able to utilize a magical gauntlet for various attack combinations and utility purposes.

Though the game’s release has been delayed from May to August 11, 2023, the additional time will allow Deck13 to fine-tune and optimize Atlas Fallen, ensuring that it meets the high expectations of its eager fanbase. In the meantime, fans can look forward to more updates and media from Deck13 and Focus Entertainment as the

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