Escape From Tarkov to Remove Barter Option from Flea Market

Item examination is going away too, finally.

Escape From Tarkov, the popular multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games, is set to undergo a significant change to its Flea Market system. The game’s lead developer, Nikita Buyanov, has confirmed that the barter option in the Flea Market will soon be removed, meaning that players can only set monetary requirements for their items.

This change has significant implications for the game’s economy and player dynamics. The barter option has been a vital feature of the Flea Market, allowing players to trade items with each other without using in-game currency. However, it has also been a major source of real-money trading (RMT), which has been a long-standing issue in the Escape From Tarkov community. The removal of bartering on the Flea Market may make it more difficult for RMT sellers to conduct their business while also creating a level playing field for regular players.

Buyanov’s Reddit post also mentioned that the item examination feature will be removed. It’s important to note that these changes are still in development, and further adjustments or tweaks may be made before they are implemented. However, Battlestate Games is taking steps to address some of the issues and concerns raised by the community and make Escape From Tarkov a more fair and more balanced experience for all players.

As always, the developers will monitor the game’s performance and player feedback to make further improvements and adjustments. Players can expect to see these changes implemented in a future update, and we’ll keep an eye out for any other updates on this development and provide any new information as it becomes available.

In summary, removing the barter option in the Flea Market is a significant step towards curbing RMT in Escape From Tarkov, and may also impact the game’s economy and player dynamics. The removal of the item examination feature is also noteworthy.

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