Modder Enhances Far Cry 3 Graphics with AI-Enhanced HD Texture Pack

A modder named VikMorroHun has released an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for the popular first-person shooter game Far Cry 3. The mod quadruples the size of the game’s texture files, meaning that the 256×256 pixel textures will be upscaled to 1024×1024 pixels, and the 512×512 pixel textures will jump to 2048×2048 pixels.

Using the ChaiNNer AI technique, the modder has been able to upscale the original textures while retaining the original game’s art style. The result is an impressive overhaul of the textures for ground vegetation, animals, unique characters, roads, rocks, terrain, some vehicles, and generic props. The new highly detailed textures can be seen in the screenshots provided by the modder.

However, the modder has also been transparent about the limitations of the mod, such as the omission of water textures and boundaries on upscaling bump maps and weapon textures due to potential strain on the game engine. The mod may also cause crashes during fast traveling, loading a saved game, or starting a new game.

Despite these limitations, the AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack is still a must-have mod for fans of Far Cry 3 who want to experience the game with improved graphics. The mod is a testament to the potential of AI and machine learning in enhancing the graphics of video games. It may inspire future modders to create similar enhancements for other classic games. Players who choose to install this mod can download it from NexusMods.

Details and Installation

Textures upscaled

  • ground vegetation (trees, leaves, plants)
  • animals
  • unique characters
  • roads, rocks, terrain
  • vehicles (partially)
  • generic props

Textures upscaled and removed due to CTD problem

  • NPC textures
  • generic metal (ie. shacks on the beach)
  • hand bullet wound, tattoo
  • weapons


  1. Go to “Far Cry 3\data_win32” folder.
  2. Backup your patch.dat & patch.fat.
  3. Unpack the archive.
  4. Copy and Paste the contents of the archive to “Far Cry 3\data_win32” folder.
  5. If you see a question for Replace / Skip Files, choose Replace the files in the destination folder.
  6. If you want to revert back to vanilla, you have to overwrite these files (patch.dat & patch.fat) with the originals from the backup (or use Ubi Connect/Steam verify files method).
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