New CS:GO Leak appears in the latest Dota 2 Update

Is the new Source 2 BASED Counter-Strike closer than we think?

Valve has not confirmed the new version of Counter-Strike on Source 2 engine, but it’s definitely boiling something in the background. Following the latest Dota 2 update, Gabe Follower 2, a Twitter account with a track record of sharing information related to Valve’s games, revealed further details related to CS:GO, alluding that something big is coming soon.

There have been 8 images shared by the Twitter account, revealing the source code where CSGO is mentioned multiple times. This can be verified by visiting the recent commit to GitHub. This report was also followed by SteamDB’s report of a new change. As per SteamDB, it’s a word about a new DLC which contains a new appid, which according to many, is undeniably related to the new Source 2 version of the game.

Various dataminers have already given their opinion saying that the upcoming title has to be classified as DLC, since it’s not a new game but rather a significant update that is expected to happen. Below you can find the details shared by Gabe Follower 2.

The move to the Source 2 engine is expected to bring significant improvements to the game’s optimization and graphical fidelity, which could be a major draw for players looking for a more immersive and visually stunning experience. The new version of Counter-Strike is also expected to include a much-improved matchmaking system and other features to improve the game’s competitive experience.

According to recent rumors, the new version of Counter-Strike is set to arrive this month. However, it remains to be seen whether the new version of the game will serve as a direct replacement for the current version or coexist alongside it, as Valve has yet to make an official announcement on this matter.

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