The Last of Us Part I PC Port Plagued by Negative Reviews on Steam

The long-awaited PC port of the critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us Part I, has been met with negative reviews on Steam, as gamers express their disappointment and frustration with the port’s performance issues. Iron Galaxy, the studio responsible for the port, has previously faced criticism for their work on Batman: Arkham Knight and Uncharted Collection, sparking concerns when it was announced that they would handle The Last of Us Part I.

Many people hoped for a high-quality port for the beloved title, but numerous performance issues, crashes, and poor optimization have shattered their expectations. With most Steam reviews being negative, it appears that the concerns about Iron Galaxy’s ability to deliver a solid PC port were not unfounded.

Players have reported various problems, including poor hardware utilization, stuttering mouse camera movement, lack of essential setting toggles, and a general lack of optimization. Additionally, some of them have experienced frequent crashes, with the game becoming unplayable for many.

One player described their experience as “the single worst PC port I have ever seen,” while another warned fellow gamers, “PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.” Several reviews mention high CPU utilization and VRAM usage, which have resulted in poor performance even on powerful hardware.

The disappointment expressed in these reviews is amplified by Sony owning Nixxes, a renowned PC porting team known for their high-quality work. Gamers have questioned why Sony would entrust Iron Galaxy with such an important project instead of utilizing Nixxes’ expertise.

With the overwhelmingly negative response, it remains to be seen if Iron Galaxy and Naughty Dog can address the performance issues and deliver a satisfactory experience for PC gamers. Until then, fans are advised to be cautious before they purchase the game, as many users have opted to refund their purchase due to ongoing issues.

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