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Dead Cells Update 34 Alpha Patch Notes

Motion Twin has released the alpha version of Update 34 for their hit game Dead Cells on consoles, primarily to fix issues and bugs by the recent DLC. The patch focuses on correcting a variety of small bugs and visual changes, specifically for those participating in the alpha test.

Dead Cells Update 34 April 12 Update Notes

Training Room

  • Fixed missing texts for various new UIs in Training Room
  • Fixed a crash when restarting in Training Room
  • Fixed training room dummy being destroyed when going through the door
  • Updated sprite for the training difficulty picker interaction
  • Fixed a crash when spawning colorless legendary item
  • Fixed legendary items always being level 1 in Training Room
  • Fixed Death not being in Training Room
  • Fixed Dracula’s Final Form not loading in Training Room
  • Camera no longer tracks Tick in Training Room

Bosses & Boss Rush

  • Fixed Dracula Final Form’s meteors spawning too low during the interphase (aka Genkidama)
  • Fixed Dracula’s exit in Boss Rush looking rough
  • Removed Modified Humanoid Dracula’s speed bonus during his last phase
  • In Boss Rush, Modified Humanoid Dracula’s big fireballs have been recolored to better signal their difference from the normal version of the fight
  • Fixed Death’s AI breaking after being interrupted during its combo attack
  • Fixed Humanoid Dracula’s hitbox on melee attack (the first hit had no hitbox)
  • Increased cooldown to Modified Humanoid Dracula after shooting fireballs to make it easier to catch


  • Armadillopack can’t parry unparryable projectiles anymore (was problematic on Boss Rush Dracula)
  • Necromancy nerf (lower base heal)
  • Combo mutation damage bonus now scales more slowly with the number of stacks
  • Buff to slow diminishing factor (i.e. it decreases less quickly and thus should be more efficient)


  • Late game Dracula’s Castle’s Cursed Chest now has 10% chance of spawning
  • Shop Mimic no longer spawns behind Z-doors (mostly BC doors) (when outside of the Bank)
  • Fixed an issue with Tailor’s Daughter menu (you could open multiple instance of it)
  • Fixed a crash happening with the Tailor upon unlocking the Scissors
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