Dead Cells Leverages PS5 DualSense Capabilities in Impending Upgrade

In a move set to thrill the Dead Cells community, Motion Twin, the French independent gaming studio, has announced an exciting upgrade for their critically acclaimed Metroidvania-style game, Dead Cells. The action-packed title will soon be available in a native PS5 version and is primed to take full advantage of the cutting-edge features of Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller.

Scheduled to hit digital stores on June 29, the PS5 version of Dead Cells will offer a complimentary upgrade to all existing owners of the game on PS4. This news follows a recent trend among gaming studios offering free next-gen promotions for their titles, providing gamers with a seamless transition to the latest hardware.

In a statement released on their official Twitter account, Motion Twin shared some of the enhanced features that Dead Cells’ gamers can expect. “Use haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, audio feedback, and lighting to take your runs to the next level,” the studio tweeted, hinting at a significantly immersive gaming experience.

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller has been lauded for its immersive features since its release, with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers praised for their ability to elevate gameplay experiences. By fully integrating these features into Dead Cells, Motion Twin is set to enhance the game’s tactile and responsive elements, promising a level of gameplay that could redefine what it means to play this critically acclaimed title.

On the heels of this digital upgrade, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Edition will be released physically on August 11. This edition, to be distributed by Signature Edition, will include a physical copy of Dead Cells for Switch, PS4, or PS5, along with the four original DLC expansions for the game – Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls, and The Queen and the Sea.

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