Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling Update Trailer Introduces Brutal Combat, Gear Transmog, and More

The highly anticipated Gut Feeling update for Techland’s Dying Light 2 Stay Human will arrive on April 20, 2023, significantly improving the game’s combat, physics, and new features to enhance the player experience. The recent trailer (embedded at the top, courtesy of IGN) for the update provides a sneak peek into what players can expect from these upgrades.

One of the Gut Feeling update’s main highlights is overhauling the game’s combat system. The new mechanics introduce b***** and brutal ways to dismember foes, making the combat more visceral and satisfying. Though it may not be Dead Island 2, Dying Light 2’s updated action is bound to impress fans of the genre.

Players have long awaited the addition of gear transmog, and the Gut Feeling update finally delivers. This feature allows players to customize the appearance of their gear without sacrificing any stats, enabling them to create unique, personalized looks for their characters.

The update also introduces a new weapon crafting system based on blueprints found throughout the game world. Players will need to spend Old World Money and materials to craft weapons, which appear to have random affixes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the crafting process.

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