Nintendo Targets Zelda Modders and Streamers with Copyright Strikes Ahead of Tears of the Kingdom Release

Prolific Zelda streamer and modder PointCrow hit with dozens of content claims and takedowns, raising concerns for upcoming Zelda release.

As the highly anticipated release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom approaches, Nintendo has escalated its efforts to protect its copyright, resulting in several content creators, including prolific Zelda streamer and modder PointCrow, being hit with content claims and takedowns.

Eric Morino, better known as PointCrow, has recently faced multiple copyright claims from Nintendo, targeting videos on his Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod. PointCrow claims he obeyed Nintendo’s content policies in a video released on his channel. After appealing the initial takedowns, Nintendo responded by issuing multiple copyright strikes against PointCrow’s YouTube channel, which has over 1.61 million subscribers.

PointCrow is not the only content creator affected by Nintendo’s aggressive copyright enforcement. Fellow Zelda streamer Croton also had ten streams and two videos removed from the platform without warning or context. With the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, PointCrow fears that Nintendo’s actions may set a dangerous precedent for content creators. He explains that it could become difficult for creators to post creative concepts without fear of copyright strikes, even when they abide by Nintendo’s guidelines.

In an open letter to Nintendo, PointCrow pleads for the company to reconsider its actions and engage in a dialogue with content creators. “Don’t take this creativity away from us,” he says. You can watch PointCrow’s full video on the takedowns and copyright claims here:

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