Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remaster is Coming out Soon

Pikmin Snezkov, a famiboards member shared something very interesting regarding Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door – and that’s a remaster.

There has been some activity in The Thousand Year Door sphere, and a user going by the name PikminSnezkov has stated that their sources say that a The Thousand Year Door remaster is underway.

The three trusted sources of PikminSnezkov have confirmed this, and two out of the three have given the release date. However, we will not get it until the third source confirms the same date as the previous two. We all guess that the team for Paper Mario is working on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

As per PikminSnezkov:

Good evening Fami, hope you all are having a brilliant day.

I usually don’t do this, as I don’t like attention. And I hope even after this we will focus on the game, not me.

As some of you know, I do hobby journalism behind the scenes and research various things for fun. Some accurate Nintendo rumors that were reported by YouTubers and other sites in the past partially were based on my research. As I said, I don’t like attention and thus always asked everyone to keep me private, and I intend to continue to remain private in those stories.

However, now I have something super exciting that I’m aware of. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remaster is finally happening and coming out soon!

I have been in touch with 3 sources about this. One of them redirected me to the third source, with who I hadn’t interacted before so it was just me cold messaging them on LinkedIn. Because this third source wouldn’t acknowledge the release date I had heard from the previous two sources, I’ll just leave it as coming soon.

I informed both @NintendoPrime and @NateDrake about this privately. There’s one more person I have informed, but they wish to remain anonymous.

I personally had always wished for TTYD remaster. I never played it on GCN so I’m over the moon excited to finally play it on Switch soon.”

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