Total War: Warhammer Update 3.0 Mirror of Madness, and Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs Release April 13, 2023

Total War: Warhammer 3 Mirror of Madness is a free addition, featuring two new game modes. Mirror of Madness releases on April 13, 2023, so let’s learn more about the addition.

Total War: Warhammer 3 update 3.0 arrives on April 13, 2023, alongside Mirror of Madness and Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs. Mirror of Madness is a free DLC featuring two new game modes: The Trial of Fate and The Infinite Portal. This DLC will be automatically added to your game and you can find it in Main Menu > Battle tab.

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs and Mirror of Madness are separate and you don’t need to own one to play the other one.

Here are some details about the two new game modes The Trial of Fate and The Infinite Portal.

Mirror of Madness Game Modes

Trials of Fate Details

The Trials of Fate are a series of intense survival challenges where players assume the role of a newly ascended Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. Reaching back through time itself, you will fight for survival in four infamous battles from the past, before breaking through into the Realm of Tzeentch and taking the fight to Kairos Fateweaver in an intense final showdown.

Endless waves of enemy combatants will grow in strength the longer you hold out, until at last the masses overwhelm you. To help, players have access to some unique spells and abilities that could just tip the balance in their favour.

The goal is to defend a capture point called the ‘Shard’. Doing so grants access to Forbidden Knowledge, which in turn can be used to upgrade the aforementioned spells and abilities. Take advantage of cataclysmic powers and mighty vortexes to send your enemies ragdolling across the Realms in crazy physics-based chaos.

The damage dealt and kills secured contribute towards your score. Do well enough and you’ll unlock unique Tzeentch-themed Daemon Prince Parts for your Daemon Prince that, as well as looking dead swanky, can be used in both the Realm of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns.
Daniel has never looked better.

Infinite Portal Details

The Infinite Portal grants access to reality-bending features and settings, letting you tweak many aspects of battle as you please, including:

  • Unit Size: Increases the number of soldiers per unit and their health
  • Damage: Increases the damage dealt by attacks, spells, etc
  • Impact Force: Increases collision impact, attack force and detonation force to send units flying
  • Leadership: Increases base morale
  • Winds of Magic: Increases the availability of Winds of Magic for spellcasting
  • Explosions: Increases the size of explosions and vortex spells, improving their radius and detonation speed
  • Vigour Cost Reduction: Increases the duration that units stay fresh, lowering the fatigue cost of actions
  • Reload Time: Reduces the time it takes to reload ranged weapons
  • Ammunition: Increases the total number of shots per ranged unit
  • Projectile Penetration: Increases the distance projectiles can travel through enemies
  • Gravity: Decreases the effect of gravity on units who are knocked into the air
  • Ability Radius: Increase the effect radius of abilities
  • Ability Recharge: Reduces ability recharge time
  • Charge Duration: Increases the duration of the charge bonus
  • Entity Scale: Increases or decreases the size of single unit entities like Lords and Monsters
  • Blood Quantity: Increases or decreases the amount of blood emitted by entities emit

Lastly, you don’t need to have an Intel 13th Gen processor to play Mirror of Madness. It doesn’t affect Total War Warhammer 3’s performance, but you will notice a performance drop-off for The Infinite Portal.

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs, Mirror of Madness, and Update 3.0 all arrive at the same time on April 13, 2023.

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