Apex Legends Arsenal Ranked Update Will Introduce Revamped Scoring and Matchmaking System

Apex Legends is introducing major changes to its Ranked systems in Season 17 with the Arsenal Ranked Update. The update focuses on refining matchmaking and scoring and implementing measures to address smurfing and cheating.

Fundamental changes include the renaming of Ranked Points (RP) to Ladder Points (LP), the removal of splits, the addition of 10 provisional matches at the start of each season, and the use of a hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) for matchmaking purposes.

The update also emphasizes improved matchmaking, with a flat entry cost at all levels. To tackle cheaters and smurf accounts, the minimum account level required to play Ranked has been raised to 50, and new detection methods have been introduced. Furthermore, kills will only be rewarded for unique kills to prevent collusion.

These are the main highlights of the Apex Legends Arsenal Ranked Update. However, some additional changes and adjustments further enhance the Ranked experience:

  • Scoring System: The new Ladder Points (LP) system includes bonuses that amplify LP gains and mitigate LP losses, focusing on placement results. There are three major groups of prizes: Elimination Bonuses, Rating Bonuses, and Skill Bonuses.
  • Matchmaking: The new matchmaking system accounts for party size and incorporates adjustments for premade squad sizes to maintain fairness and competitive intensity.
  • Ranked Structure: Each division now has a width of 1000 LP, simplifying the progression system. The promotion bonus has been reduced from 300 to 250 LP, and the demotion penalty is now set at 150 LP. Rookie rank can now be demoted.
  • Ranked Reset: Full seasonal resets will replace the six-division reset, with players’ MMR determining LP rankings after the ten provisional games.
  • Ranked Rewards: Players are reminded to claim their Ranked Arena rewards before the start of the next season.
  • Double XP Bonus: The Veiled Collection Event offers a double XP bonus for public matches until May 9, 2023.

These changes are expected to improve the overall Ranked experience in Apex Legends and maintain the game’s competitive integrity.

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