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Forspoken Patch 1.20 Update Notes and more

The latest patch for the popular action RPG, Forspoken, has been released by Square Enix. As an essential part of the game’s ongoing improvement, Patch 1.20 delivers various tweaks, fixes, and new game features designed to enhance the player experience.

This update has adjusted the frequency and content of the banter between main characters Frey and Cuff. This change was keenly awaited by many players who found the previous settings somewhat distracting. The pacing of certain events, particularly in the earlier chapters, has also been adjusted to ensure a smoother and more engaging gameplay experience. For the complete patch notes, check below:

Forspoken 1.20 Patch Notes – May 23

Feature Updates

  • Adjusted the frequency and content of the banter between Frey and Cuff that plays during open world activities.
  • Adjusted the pacing of certain event scenes in the earlier chapters.
  • Adjusted the length of certain animations that play upon clearing quests or when Frey earns experience.
  • Additionally, these animations can now be skipped.
  • Added the Curiosity Shop as a fast travel destination.
  • Adjusted the Support Spell icon in the magic HUD to show the charge state of each spell.

Additional Settings

  • Added an option where the players can customize the camera movement. When CUSTOM is set to ON, players may adjust the camera’s “Max Rotation Speed”, “Camera Acceleration”, and “Stick Response Curve”.
  • Added an option that enables the players to switch to the next attack or support spell by pressing instead of holding a button.
  • Added an option where the players can choose to hide all HUD elements (such as menus and gauges) during gameplay.

Additional Content

Added a feature where the befriended Tantas’ Familiars will follow Frey on her journey and might design to help her collect mana and items.

*Players can disable this feature from the Settings menu.

  • New “Cuff Crush” attack. By pressing △ after leaping over an enemy with magic parkour, Frey will perform a powerful attack that consumes stamina.

*The damage and probability of knocking down the target enemy will increase based on the amount of stamina consumed.

  • Added the ability to use magic parkour while mid-air.
  • New “Revivifier” consumable. When possessing this item, players will be able to resuscitate Frey when she runs out of health.
  • New “Stormshard” consumable. By using this item in certain locations on the map, players can generate a Breakstorm and can battle against giant Nightmares.
  • New “Very Hard” difficulty setting. Certain gameplay settings will be locked when set to this difficulty.

*Select “Very Hard” from the SETTINGS menu to change to this difficulty during your journey.

*Select “Ultimate Mode” to play at this difficulty setting when starting a new game.


  • Implemented certain features that are required to activate the story add-on “Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust”, which will be released on 5/26/2023.

*You cannot play the add-on without updating the game to 1.20.

*Players who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition or Digital Deluxe Upgrade possess the early access to the add-on. Those may download and play the game from 5/23/2023 1pm (UTC).

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