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Pokemon Go Routes, How to Create a Route and Rules

Trainers, Routes are coming to Pokemon Go, and we now have more details about how to submit a Route, what are the rules when creating a route, and who reviews these routes.

In the Pokemon world Routes are known to be a passage that can be used by Trainers and others to travel between locations faster. In Pokemon Go these Routes may be used as a path for Trainers to walk on, complete tasks, earn rewards, etc. We are not sure how this will work in the game, so we just have to wait and see the final result.

The Routes in Pokemon Go must have a start and end point and must be between 0.5km/0.3 miles and 20km/12.4 miles. Pokemon Go Routes must have names and descriptions, and players can place pins along a Route to highlight something interesting. Niantic will be reviving these Routes, and they will decide which Route will be selected.

Please have in mind that the Routes are not yet available in Pokemon Go, but we do have some info about how to submit one, thanks to the miners.

Here is everything you should know about the upcoming Routes feature in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go How to Create a Route

  1. Select the start point and end point
  2. Walk from your start point to your end point
  3. Name and describe your route.¬†Routes can’t have an inappropriate description or purpose
  4. Routes must be between 0.5km and 20km
  5. Routes must be in safe areas and not cross into private property
  6. Pokemon Go players can place pins along a Route to highlights
  7. Pins must be placed less than 15 meters away from the route path
  8. Pins must be placed 20 meters away from other pins
  9. Routes are reviewed by Niantic once submitted and will be accepted or rejected. If rejected, you may be given a chance to edit and resubmit your Route for review

More info is coming soon, so stay tuned.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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  1. Is this the big update they are hyping about?
    Not to sounds like a naysayer, but… what’s even the point?
    I barely even have interest to run this app daily now.

  2. This sound like a bad idea. People making route that can tell where other work or live. That feel like a safety problem.

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