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Pokemon Go Some Players to Boycott Kleavor Raid Day

Niantic and Pokemon Go are holding a special Raid Day to celebrate Kleavor’s and Shiny Kleavor’s debut in the game.

Niantic and Pokemon Go’s next event starts on May 6, 2023, and you can battle and catch Kleavor and Shiny Kleavor in three-star Raids. This is the only way to encounter Kleavor and Shiny Kleavor in Pokemon Go. This is all fun and games, but it looks like some players have already started boycotting the event.

The Pokemon Go community is not pleased with the recent changes and wants Niantic to HearUs. The “Save Remote Raiding in Pokemon Go” petition has reached over 114.000 signatures, and it’s a few steps away to be one of the top signed on

The Kleavor Raid Day is all about Raid Passes, so players have already started encouraging other players not to spend any cent and only use free Raid Passes if any.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you boycott Kleavor Raid Day?

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  1. The raid was surprisingly easy and didn’t even require a single remote raid pass. But yeah, I only did twice at a nearby gym. Not even using the green raid pass, just thw free ones.

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