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Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire Update 1.3 Brings Fresh Content

Bohemia Interactive and third-party Arma 3 developer Savage Game Design have dropped a significant update for their Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire. The highly anticipated Update 1.3 expands the game’s landscape with new factions, vehicles, weapons, equipment, and much more.

This major content update primarily expands the game’s factions. The update introduces FANK (1970 and 1971), Khmer Rouge (1970 and 1975), USMC (1966, 1968, and 1970), USMC Force Recon (1966, 1968, and 1970), and MEDT with pre-loaded CISO green packs. Players can also enjoy 30 new insignia patches, including the 195th AHC, USMC Advisors and Aviation, MEDTC, and FANK.

Vehicle lovers will be excited by the addition of several new vehicles and their variants. “Dirt Ranger” off-road vehicle, three models of Armored Personnel Carriers (M125, M132, and M577), M48A3 “Patton” Main Battle Tank, M67 Flamethrower Tank, and BTR-50 are all making their way to the battlegrounds. For aviation enthusiasts, there’s the CH-47A Chinook, ACH-47A “Guns-a-Go-Go”, and MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F. Also added are new textures and model variants for existing vehicles.

For the complete update changelog, check below:

S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.3 changelog

New Content

Added: Singleplayer scenario variants of all Campaign Missions (01-08) for solo enjoyment, allowing proper saving and loading

Added: 2 new showcases for new 1.3 content

Added: Music 2 new tracks “Prepare For Battle” and “Tour Of Duty”

Added: Vehicle CH-47A Chinook with 2 model variants (Transport, Medical)

Added: Vehicle ACH-47A “Guns-a-Go-Go” Gunship

Added: Vehicle M48A3 “Patton” Main Battle Tank

Added: Vehicle M67A2 Flamethrower Tank

Added: Vehicle M125 Armoured Personnel Carrier with M29 Mortar

Added: Vehicle M132 Armoured Personnel Carrier with flamethrower

Added: Vehicle M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier with 2 model variants (Command, Medical)

Added: Vehicle “Dirt Ranger” with 6 model variants (Open, Closed, Medical, M60, M40A1, Twin M60)

Added: Vehicle M274 Mule with 5 model variants (Transport, Cargo, M60, M40A1, M134)

Added: Static M2HB Scoped with 2 model variants

Added: Vehicle MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F with gunpod and fuel tanks

Added: Vehicle T-54B Main Battle Tank

Added: Vehicle OT-54 Flamethrower Tank

Added: Vehicle BTR-50 with 3 model variants (Transport, Medical, ZGU-1 Anti Aircraft)

Added: Vehicle BTR-40 – 3 new model variants (SGMB, Type 56 Recoilless Rifle, Type 53 Mortar)

Added: Static ZGU-1 AA gun

Added: Static M1910 Machinegun with 3 model variants

Added: Launcher M20A1B1 with HEAT and WP rounds

Added: Light Machinegun L4

Added: Rifle M1903 with rifle grenades, scope, camo wrap and bayonet

Added: Rifle M14A1 Shorty with 2 model variants with front sight accessory

Added: M1 Carbine Shorty (suppressed)

Added: Submachinegun L2A3 with 2 model variants

Added: Submachinegun L34A1 (suppressed) with 3 model variants including grenade launcher

Added: Suppressor for HP pistol

Added: M63a bipod

Added: Binocular item “SOG 35mm Camera”

Added: 4 Additional traps and mines: M18 Claymore and M18 Claymore with M34 WP with 10s fuzes

Added: Launcher magazine RPG2 with timed fuze for airburst

Added: Machinegun MG42

Added: Sniper Rifle SVD with scope and camo wrap

Added: Rifle K98k with scope, camo wrap and bayonet

Added: Rifle M36 with bayonet and camo wrap

Added: Assault Rifle AK

Added: Assault Rifle KBKG with rifle grenades

Added: Submachinegun Type 64 (suppressed) with 2 model variants

Added: Pistol Type 64 (suppressed)

Added: Pistol P38

Added: Pistol PPK and suppressor

Added: 14 New weapon accessories: 3 Bayonets (M1903 / K98k / M36); 4 Camo wraps (M1903 / SVD / M36 / K98k); 4 Optics (M1903, K98k, SVD, M14A1); 1 Bipod (M63a); and 2 suppressors (PPK, HP)

Added: Vest 6 USMC Flak Vest models

Added: Vest 3 USMC FORECON vest models

Added: Backpack 5 USMC M1941 packs

Added: Backpack 4 ARVN rucksacks

Added: Backpack T-10 with green parachute

Added: Headgear 7 New USMC M1 Helmets, in 2 colors each

Added: Headgear 3 New Beret variants for US MEDT

Added: Headgear 1 New SOG Boonie with Rebel Flag and 5 New variants of SOG Grey Boonie with/ without Rebel Flag

Added: Faction units FANK in 2 time zones (70 and 71 uniform/weapons)

Added: Faction units Khmer Rouge in 2 time zones (70 and 75 uniform/weapons)

Added: Faction units USMC in 3 time zones (66, 68 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units USMC Force Recon in 3 time zones (66, 68 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units US MEDT

Added: Unit Insignia 30 New Patches including the 195th AHC, USMC Advisors and Aviation, US MEDT and FANK

Added: Groups for all new factions and vehicles

Added: Prop Telephone

Added: Prop Typewriter

Added: Prop M43 Entrenching Tool

Added: Modules “Ambient Mines”

Added: Module to enable SOG camera photo saving

Added: Dried trees

Added: Hanoi Bridge Roadways


New Variants


Added: Vehicle Taxi variant (Boheme Bonn)

Added: Vehicle textures/decals for new units (UH-1D, M151)

Added: Headgear 6 additional variants for boonie hat models (ERDL green)

Added: MACV-SOG 3 additional units with new weapons

Added: Vehicle BTR-40 new textures

Added: XM177E2 with M203 grenade launcher and camo

Added: MAT-49 non-tracer magazine


Content Changes



Changed: Singleplayer scenario variant of all Campaign missions (01-08), have minimal changes to allow solo play, mainly to allow proper saving and loading

Changed: Adjusted solo play missions to be more balanced and playable also working with SOG AI mod (NOTE: The missions were designed to be played Co-op and it’s still the recommended way to play them)



Changed: Added new bomb and debris sounds to support the sand effect of the new FX

Changed: EQ tweaks for various weapons like DP27, M60, RPD, M16, M38 fam, etc.

Changed: Guns overall are a little louder

Changed: Nearly all weapon firing sounds were overhauled or redesigned, but kept the original feel

Changed: Most reload animation sounds were reworked, less rustling of arms, better matched to the respective materials of the weapon

Changed: Tweaked gear movement sounds

Changed: Heavier sounds for cannons and howitzers

Changed: New bullet hit sounds to be more aggressive and dangerous

Changed: New crawling sounds when with gear

Changed: New realistic RPG2 and RPG7 fire sounds

Changed: New, heavy launcher sound for the M72 LAW

Changed: Overhauled interior weapon firing sounds to be more noisy and aggressive

Changed: Reduced volume from BLU-82 bomb

Changed: The dart gun has new firing sounds out of water and new reload sounds

Changed: Tweaked environmental SFX to be more focused on the different times of day (Morning, Day, Evening, Night)

Changed: Tweaked medium distance firing sounds

Changed: Tweaked basic soft and solid boots footstep shaders

Changed: Tweaked airburst shrapnel sound

Changed: Volume adjustment for howitzer clos- shot sounds

Changed: Volume adjustment for DSHKM

Changed: Sound tweaks on miniguns



Changed: Added newer mines to PAVN engineer and sapper packs

Changed: Added Cambodian names

Changed: Added new weapons classes to previous troops

Changed: PAVN Snipers now have correct headgear



Changed: Added “The Bra” map tag to SteamManagerConfig

Changed: Added concrete pads at railway crossings

Changed: Updates Ghost House to have internal stairs

Changed: Upgraded rice paddy water and oval craters



Changed: AH-1G Added 12x HE 10 and 10x HE17 rockets to M200 19x rocket pods for use on all pylons, updated MasterArm presets and included new HCAS pre-set

Changed: BTR-40 Geo LOD got updated

Changed: CH-34/ Mi-2/ OH-6A/ UH-1 added memory point and config to allow ACE3 fast roping

Changed: F4 – fixed small pilot compass and horizon indicator movements

Changed: F4 – restricted manual fire to pilot

Changed: F4/MiG-19/F-100 prevent afterburner usage during takeoff

Changed: MiG-19 reduced landing speed and stall speed slightly

Changed: OH-6A Advanced Flight Model /AFM) ground handling improvement

Changed: PT-76 removed mass from Geometry Phys LODs

Changed: Removed green cross from Opfor ambulance/medevac vehicles

Changed: Turrets M40A1 and Mk18 added flip-vehicle user action

Changed: Type 53 Mortar removed green channel heating which should not be present

Changed: Type 63 Mortar added two new decal schemes

Changed: ZiL-157 enabled data link sending for Radar Truck



Changed: Added new FX effects for different explosion sizes (60mm range, 80-85mm range, 105mm range and above, 500lb bombs, 1,000lb bombs, 2,000lb bombs, 15,000lb bombs)

Changed: Updated existing weapon crates with new weapons, items and magazines

Fixed: .38 Revolver and Model 10 aiming down sight

Fixed: Added bipod to M16 sniper rifle

Fixed: Added missing Zeus flare colours

Fixed: M1/M2 Carbines now correctly use .30 carbine ammo

Fixed: SKS CQB optics mode / SKS now uses a custom scope, no longer the one for the M91/30



Changed: 3DEN – added an attribute for vehicle flag raising to act as a template

Changed: MasterArm action reworked – added to vehicles instead of player units



Changed: File Photos and Fuel Can added property autocenter=0 so they can be used as proxy objects



Changed: Added campaign and showcases spotlights to main menu


Content Fixes



Fixed: Eldest Son II and Black Spear chinese translations

Fixed: 01 CO14 Eldest Son – LZ London – Helicopter lands into trees and rocks



Fixed: Missing firing sounds for the M75 grenade launcher on the OH-6A Cayuse

Fixed: Some minor sound issues and clicks

Fixed: Air Gatling/Cannon sounds



Fixed: Removed surplus items from vests

Fixed: Instant reload on spawning some AI rocket or grenadier units

Fixed: SVH4 Helmets UI still showing old Yellow Texture

Fixed: Vest – Army Rifleman (02) – Flashlight Issue



Fixed: Multiple missing strings

Fixed: Shed object on Hickory hill, Khe Sanh



Fixed: AH-1 fixed pedal positions so that both feet move together (AFM)

Fixed: AH-1 removed animation from stabilisers

Fixed: BLU82 Refactor to use projectile event handlers instead of particle script

Fixed: BTR-40 removed delay on sideport closing

Fixed: CH34 /OH-6A /UH-1 fixed pedal animations so that both pedals move together in correct directions (AFM only)

Fixed: CH34 copilot compass direction

Fixed: Civ Cars IKcurve entries to fix rpt error

Fixed: DShKM (low and armoured) fixed the naming of the disassembled bags

Fixed: F4 – manual fire issues on dedicated server

Fixed: F4 WSO name not appearing on the plane

Fixed: F4 afterburner was showing in distant LOD’s even when off

Fixed: H12 HEF submunition models

Fixed: H12 disabled ability to disassemble

Fixed: M101 enabled hiding of ground clutter objects via Virtual Garage

Fixed: M60 – Muzzle Flash is inside the weapon

Fixed: M60 – Vehicle turret zoom inconsistency

Fixed: MiG-19 adjusted to more reasonable sensor ranges

Fixed: MiG-19 mass of AA2 missiles

Fixed: MiG-19 missing datalink

Fixed: MiG-19 naming of AT version

Fixed: MiG-19 typo in cockpit fuel warning

Fixed: Multiple missing camo entries, incorrect gun in groundholder, bipod classnames and multiple invalid mode fullauto_medium entries

Fixed: OH-6A corrected calibration of air speed display, and maxValue of torque display animation

Fixed: Parachutes – added two missing bones in the skeleton

Fixed: Type 63 Mortar fixed NVA roundel clipping on green “450” textureSource

Fixed: UH-1 removed animation from stabilisers

Fixed: ZiL-157 removed LOD 7 with MLOD textures



Fixed: .30 cal models were oversized

Fixed: Booby-trapped ammobox model

Fixed: F1 magazine – no visible loaded bullets

Fixed: F1 magazines – inconsistent description

Fixed: F1 magazines – incorrect preview and model

Fixed: L1A1 missing context entry for prone right

Fixed: M14 – thermal inconsistencies

Fixed: Tracer count in M14 10 round mags

Fixed: MAT 49 VC incorrect mag classes

Fixed: MG42 (Low) – too long ammotype name, incorrect getout position, inconsistent assembly

Fixed: Multiple weapons – Magazines spawn too low

Fixed: Punji traps now have uniform naming

Fixed: Sling shadow on XM16E1 (All Variants) / M16 (All variants)



Fixed: ANZAC pack shovel retextured

Fixed: Floating candle in tunnel on table

Fixed: Multiple missing strings

Fixed: Removed plastic bottles from garbage heaps

Fixed: Editor – Some objects missing appropriate icon



Fixed: Artillery support – error in transport add action remote executing

Fixed: Death Screen animated titles not hidden due to 2.10 update

Fixed: Issue with AI units not being moved out of the transport helicopter when it kicks out players

Fixed: Issue with artillery menu not closing if the player is killed

Fixed: holdAction – changes to use VN functions instead of overwriting BI ones


Mike Force updates


New Content

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 weapons to the arsenal

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 vehicles to the spawn points

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 vehicles to FOB workshops

Added: Static weapon spawn points with M45 M101 ZPU etc.

Added: Mission parameter to scale the number of AI (and therefore difficulty)


Content Changes

Changed: Vehicles can now be changed when they’re at their spawn point. Press ‘6’ to change vehicle.

Changed: Minor changes to bases on Khe Sanh Cam Lao Nam and The Bra

Changed: Added a notification when counterattacks are failed

Changed: Altis Green Hornets base is now more compact


Content Fixes

Fixed: Zone progression rewritten to be more robust (fewer bugs)

Fixed: Headless clients should be much more effective at hosting AI (i.e, player performance will be better when running HCs)

Fixed: Vehicles should explode far less often when created at the workshop

Fixed: Vehicles should explode far less often when recovered at a wreck recovery point

Fixed: Wreck recovery point status should update correctly

Fixed: Team swapping no longer causes an error

Fixed: Altis now has headless client slots

Fixed: Failing to create marker when loading respawn points

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