Turn 10 Studios Confirms Always-Online Requirement for Forza Motorsport Career Mode

In a recent Forza Monthly Livestream, Turn 10 Studios, the developer behind the acclaimed Forza Motorsport series, has confirmed that the career mode in the next installment will require a constant internet connection. The news was shared by Chris Esaki, Creative Director at Turn 10 Studios, who stated that the progression and career mode features of Forza Motorsport would necessitate players to remain constantly online.

Changing the career mode online is part of introducing the new Builders Cup feature. The Builders Cup is a dynamic part of the game that incorporates a variety of playlists themed around specific elements. According to Turn 10 Studios, the playlists will be frequently updated with new cars, tracks, and additional content. A persistent internet connection is required to facilitate these updates and ensure that players have immediate access to the latest content.

Turn 10’s move to host player progression and career information on their servers signifies a departure from the previous stand-alone career mode in past Forza Motorsport games. This approach is designed to promote a more interconnected and up-to-date gameplay experience.

However, this announcement has sparked fan discussions among players who enjoy or rely on single-player offline modes. Critics point out that not all players can access stable, high-speed internet, and forcing an online requirement could exclude these individuals from experiencing the entire game.

Despite the controversy, Turn 10 Studios stands by its decision, suggesting that the advantages of a constantly evolving Builders Cup and always-updated career mode outweigh potential drawbacks. They highlight the potential this change brings in terms of the dynamism of the career mode, offering players a continually refreshing gaming experience.

The full impact of this new always-online requirement remains to be seen as players and critics wait for the release of the new Forza Motorsport.

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