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Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day Push Notifications Get Your Incubators Ready, or Should We Say Get Your Wallets Ready?

Attention, Pokemon Go Trainers! Prepare for a groundbreaking event that is sure to captivate the Pokemon Go community. In the latest push notifications from Niantic, the creators of the immensely popular augmented reality game, an exciting announcement has been made: Riolu Hatch Day is approaching. Trainers are advised to get their Incubators ready, or should we say, get their wallets ready?

Riolu Hatch Day is set to revolutionize the way Trainers obtain this sought-after Pokemon. In a departure from its traditional rarity, Niantic is introducing a new method to acquire Riolu during the event. Trainers will have the opportunity to purchase two new boxes the Ultra Hatch Box, and the Great Hatch Box. These boxes offer Incubators that will help you speed up hatching Riolu.

Niantic’s decision to introduce paid features alongside the event has stirred conversations within the Pokemon Go community. Some Trainers view it as an exciting opportunity to acquire Riolu more easily, while others raise concerns about the potential pay-to-win aspect. It’s important to note that participation in the event is not limited to purchasing special Incubators, as regular Incubators will still be available for use.

Niantic and Pokemon Go have been sending push notifications to Trainers, reminding them to prepare their Incubators. These notifications are being sent every five minutes, prompting us to consider whether this event is an ideal opportunity for Niantic to increase their revenue.

Ok, enough! I get it!
by u/throatfrog in pokemongo

With all the event details now revealed, Trainers can make informed decisions on how they wish to approach Riolu Hatch Day. Whether you choose to embrace the opportunity presented by the special Incubators or stick to the traditional methods, the event promises to be an exciting journey for all Pokemon Go enthusiasts.

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