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Pokémon Sleep Bugs Report, All Known Issues in Latest Version

Pokémon Sleep has arrived, bringing an exciting blend of sleep monitoring and interactive gaming to Trainers in the United States. As the world embarks on this dreamy adventure, some challenges have surfaced with the release of version 1.0.1 of Pokémon Sleep.

During the early days of Pokémon Sleep’s launch, some Trainers encountered various bugs and issues. While the development team thoroughly tested the app during its beta phase, the complexities of different devices and operating systems can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems.

Pokémon Sleep Current Bugs

Notable bugs reported by users include:

Delay in Cooking Time – A Clock Sync Issue

One of the initial bugs identified involves a delay in cooking time, causing the game clock to appear out of sync by -1 hour. The solution for this inconvenience is simple – wait for an additional hour before cooking. This should realign the in-game clock and ensure smoother gameplay.

Energy at 0% – Berries and Pokémon Exhausted

A vexing bug has emerged where the energy bar remains stuck at 0%. Although your team continues to collect berries, their energy won’t recover, and recently caught Pokémon will stay exhausted. Regrettably, there’s no immediate fix for this issue, and players are advised to await an official patch from the developers.

No Valid Sleep Sessions – Device-Specific Reporting

Certain users with specific phone models, including Samsung Galaxy A03s, A11, A12, A13, A53; Honor X7, Motorola G Play, Xiaomi Redmi 9i, Mi 9 Lite; iPhone 11 (+cats), and iPhone 14, have encountered this bug. The app fails to register valid sleep sessions for these devices. Developers are actively working on device-specific updates to address this matter.

No Community Research Button / No Friends List

Trainers experiencing the absence of the Community Research button in the menu are currently unable to add friends. Moreover, minors may face difficulties in adding friends. As a temporary solution, reinstalling the app and creating a new account is recommended. However, players should exercise patience as this bug may be linked to errors during birth date entry when setting up an account.

GO Plus+ Sleep Tracking Discrepancies

Certain users have noticed discrepancies in sleep tracking between the Pokémon GO Plus+ device and their smartphones. This may arise because the GO Plus+ is primarily designed for Pokémon GO and might not provide as comprehensive sleep-tracking capabilities as smartphones. Opinions on this matter vary, with some users finding their phones more reliable, while others trust the GO Plus+.

No Audio Recordings – Expected with GO Plus+

When using a Pokémon GO Plus+ device to track sleep data, audio recordings are absent, as the device lacks a microphone. This is not a bug but rather a limitation of the GO Plus+.

App Freezing and Download Issues

Several users have reported instances of the app freezing or encountering download errors. Resolving this concern may involve trying again or, for those using an APK or qooapp, waiting for the official release in their country. The app should be available worldwide, but certain regions in Central America might still await the official release.

Level Up Your Pokémon

After collecting 7 sleep styles, Trainers unlock the ability to level up their Pokémon. While not a bug, this exciting feature is noteworthy, as it introduces a new dimension to the gameplay.

Error Code: 010100 – Reinstall for Beta Testers

Beta testers transitioning to the final version may come across Error Code: 010100. The official solution is to delete the app and then reinstall it.

Energy Pillow Crash – Error Code: 032003

Using the Energy Pillow may result in a crash, leading to Error Code: 032003. Trainers are advised to refrain from using this feature until the developers resolve the issue.

Novice Researcher Bonus Delay

Some users may experience a delay in receiving the Novice Researcher Bonus of +600, which may not appear until day 3 or later. Nonetheless, it should be correctly applied to the Sleep Pass section.

Screen Brightness Issue – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Google Pixel 6 Pro

A bug has been reported on these devices, where the screen brightness remains low after waking up. Restarting the app resolves the issue.

Sleep Tracking Inconsistencies with Multiple Sleepers or Noisy Environments

The app may exhibit inconsistencies in sleep tracking when multiple people or animals sleep together or if the environment is noisy. This is expected, as the app lacks the precision of pulse-tracking devices.

Constant Sleep Score of 47

Some users have consistently received a sleep score of 47 for multiple nights, even after getting 3-4 hours of sleep not counted by the app. Developers are likely investigating this issue to provide a solution.

Error Code: 026001 – Language Mismatch

This error arises when the phone’s language differs from the game language. Aligning both languages should resolve the issue.

Unable to Manually Enter Sleep Data

Trainers have encountered a bug where manual sleep data entry results in a popup error message. Restarting the app or ensuring accurate data entry may resolve this issue.

Crash While Accepting a Particular Friend Request

Certain friend requests may cause the app to freeze or become unresponsive. This issue has been reported by multiple users using different iPhone models.

Compatibility Issues with OnePlus 10 Pro and Z Fold

Users of these devices may face difficulty downloading the app. Installing an APK is not recommended and should be done with caution.

Google Login Loop on LG Stylo 6

LG Stylo 6 users may encounter issues linking a Google account, resulting in a login loop.

Crash Before Moving to a New Site

Some users have experienced a crash before reaching the “Choose Next Research Site” button during the tutorial.

Pokémon Sleep’s popularity has been tremendous, and its developers have been proactive in addressing bugs and issues encountered by Trainers. While some bugs like the delay in cooking time and the energy bar glitch may require patience until official updates arrive, others can be addressed through troubleshooting steps. Remember that it’s essential to report any new bugs not listed here to the developers, as your feedback plays a crucial role in improving the app’s overall performance.

As the Pokémon Sleep community continues to grow, the developers will undoubtedly strive to create a seamless and immersive experience for all Trainers. By staying informed and participating in the ongoing development process, you contribute to making Pokémon Sleep even more enjoyable for everyone.

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