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Pokemon Sleep List of All Available Pokemon, Including Sleep Type and Specialty

Pokémon Sleep is not just about monitoring your sleep patterns and embarking on dream adventures. It also introduces a unique and exciting feature known as the Sleep Style Dex, where various Pokémon await discovery on mystical dream islands. These Pokémon can become your loyal companions, and as you befriend them, they offer valuable assistance as Helper Pokémon during your dream quests. In this article, we’ll explore how the Sleep Style Dex works, the process of befriending Pokémon, and how they evolve and level up.

Much like the traditional Pokédex, the Sleep Style Dex in Pokémon Sleep is a collection of Pokémon you encounter and befriend during your dream adventures. Each Pokémon you encounter on the dream islands will be registered in your Sleep Style Dex, where you can track their information and progress.

To obtain Pokémon as Helper Pokémon, you need to befriend them first. You can do this by using cookies to increase the Friendship Points. As you offer cookies to these dreamland companions, their bonds with you grow stronger, and they become more inclined to join you as Helpers.

Once you have successfully befriended a Pokémon and enlisted them as Helper Pokémon, they will assist you during your dream quests. Each Pokémon comes with its own set of stats, main skills, and level-up skills. As you continue to bond with them, their skills may improve, making them even more valuable allies in your dream adventures.

Similar to the main Pokémon games, some Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep can evolve. However, the evolution process in this dreamy realm is slightly different. To trigger evolution, you will need to use Candy and ensure that the Pokémon reaches specific levels. Evolution adds a new dimension to the app’s gameplay, providing further goals for trainers to achieve.

To level up your Helper Pokémon, you will need to feed them Dream Shards. These shards are obtainable after completing Sleep Style Dex Goals. As you collect these valuable resources, you can allocate them to your Pokémon to help them grow stronger.

The more Pokémon you befriend and add to your Sleep Style Dex, the more options you have for assembling a diverse and powerful dream team. Different Pokémon come with unique skills, making them suitable for various dreamland challenges.

Pokémon Sleep goes beyond being a simple sleep-tracking app. It offers an immersive and interactive journey into the world of Pokémon. The Sleep Style Dex and Helper Pokémon feature enhances the app’s gameplay, encouraging trainers to explore the dream islands, bond with Pokémon, and embark on exciting adventures during their sleep.

Here is a list of all available Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, including their Sleep Type and Specialty.

Pokemon Sleep All Available Pokemon

  • Bulbasaur:  Dozing, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Ivysaur: Dozing
  • Venusaur: Dozing
  • Charmander: Snoozing, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Charmeleon: Snoozing
  • Charizard: Snoozing
  • Squirtle: Slumbering, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Wartortle: Slumbering
  • Blastoise: Slumbering
  • Caterpie: Dozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Metapod: Dozing
  • Butterfree: Dozing
  • Rattata: Snoozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Raticate: Snoozing
  • Ekans: Dozing
  • Arbok: Dozing
  • Pikachu: Snoozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Raichu: Snoozing
  • Jigglypuff: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Wigglytuff: Snoozing
  • Diglett: Snoozing, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Dugtrio: Snoozing
  • Meowto: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Persian: Snoozing
  • Psyduck: Dozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Golduck: Slumbering
  • Mankey: Dozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Primeape: Dozing
  • Growlithe: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Arcanine: Snoozing
  • Bellsprout: Dozing, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Weepinbell: Dozing
  • Victreebel: Dozing
  • Geodude: Slumbering, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Graveler: Slumbering
  • Golem:  Slumbering
  • Slowpoke: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Slowbro: Snoozing
  • Magnemite: Specialty: Slumbering
  • Magneton: Slumbering
  • Doduo: Slumbering, Specialty: Berries
  • Dodrio: Slumbering
  • Gastly: Dozing, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Haunter: Dozing
  • Gengar: Dozing
  • Cubone: Slumbering, Specialty: Berries
  • Marowak: Slumbering
  • Kangaskhan: Snoozing
  • Pinsir: Dozing
  • Ditto: Snoozing
  • Eevee: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Vaporeon:  Slumbering
  • Jolteon: Snoozing
  • Flareon: Snoozing
  • Chikorita: Dozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Bayleef: Dozing
  • Meganium: Dozing
  • Cyndaquil: Snoozing
  • Quilava: Snoozing
  • Typhlosion: Snoozing
  • Totodile: Slumbering, Specialty: Berries
  • Croconaw: Slumbering
  • Feraligatr: Slumbering
  • Pichu: Slumbering B, Specialty: berries
  • Igglybuff: Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • Togepi: Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • Togetic: Snoozing
  • Mareep: Snoozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Flaaffy: Snoozing
  • Ampharos:  Snoozing
  • Sudowoodo: Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • Espeon: Snoozing
  • Umbreon: Dozing
  • Slowking: Snoozing
  • Wobbuffet: Snoozing
  • Heracross: Dozing
  • Houndour: Dozing, Specialty: Berries
  • Houndoom: Dozing
  • Larvitar: Slumbering, Specialty: Ingredients
  • Pupitar: Slumbering
  • Tyranitar: Dozing
  • Slakoth: l Snoozing
  • Vigoroth: Dozing
  • Slaking: Snoozing
  • Sableye: Dozing
  • Gulpin: Dozing, Specialty: Skills
  • Swalot: Dozing
  • Swablu: Slumbering B, Specialty: Berries
  • Altaria: Dozing
  • Absol: Dozing
  • Wynaut:  Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • SphealIce Slumbering, Specialty: Berries
  • SealeoIce Slumbering
  • WalreinIce Slumbering
  • Bonsly: Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • Riolu: Slumbering, Specialty: Skills
  • Lucario: Slumbering
  • Croagunk: Dozing
  • Toxicroak: Dozing
  • Magnezone: Slumbering
  • Togekiss: Snoozing
  • Leafeon: Dozing
  • GlaceonIce Slumbering
  • Sylveon: Snoozing

You are all set now, Trainers! As you venture into the mesmerizing world of Pokémon Sleep, may your journey be filled with excitement, discoveries, and unforgettable encounters with Pokémon. With your trusty Snorlax by your side, embark on this dreamy adventure and catch ’em all! Whether you’re exploring the verdant beauty of Greengrass Isle, basking in the serenity of Cyan Beach, delving into the mysteries of Taupe Hollow, or immersing yourself in the frozen wonderland of Snowdrop Tundra, every step will be a thrilling new experience.

Remember, each island holds unique challenges and opportunities. Be prepared to form unbreakable bonds with a wide variety of Pokémon, each possessing their own skills and abilities. As you journey through the dreamlands, capturing and befriending Pokémon, let the thrill of the adventure fuel your passion for exploration.

In the vast and captivating region of Pokémon Sleep, there’s always something new to discover and cherish. So, gather your Poké Balls, pack your adventurous spirit, and set forth on this incredible quest.

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