Respawn Entertainment Hints at a Third Star Wars Jedi Game and Potential Trilogy

Exciting news for Star Wars Jedi fans, as Respawn Entertainment, the EA studio behind the successful Jedi series, appears to be recruiting team members for a third installment. Series director Stig Asmussen has expressed his desire to turn the series into a trilogy, indicating that plans for expanding the story and gameplay are already in motion.

In a recent interview with IGN, Stig Asmussen revealed his long-standing vision for a trilogy within the Star Wars Jedi game series. Asmussen expressed enthusiasm about exploring new locations and expanding the story beyond the first game’s scope. He also discussed the risks, tone, and challenges that protagonist Cal Kestis and his team will face in the upcoming Jedi: Survivor. Asmussen’s statements strongly hint at continuing Cal’s journey and the potential for exciting developments in the game’s narrative.

While Respawn Entertainment‘s decision to develop a third Star Wars Jedi game depends on the success of Jedi: Survivor in terms of sales and reception, Asmussen’s comments indicate a strong possibility of the franchise continuing. The studio’s search for a principal game writer and a senior VFX artist points towards their commitment to expanding the series and creating new content.

Asmussen confirmed the technological shift and highlighted its impact on the gameplay experience. The job description for the senior VFX artist position specifically mentions Unreal Engine 5 experience as a desirable qualification. This shift to a more advanced engine could offer enhanced graphics, improved performance, and exciting gameplay innovations in the future installment.

Despite some initial technical issues, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has received positive reviews and performed commercially. Respawn Entertainment has addressed these concerns through regular updates, showcasing their commitment to delivering an excellent gaming experience. The studio’s dedication to improving the game’s quality and addressing player feedback bodes well for the series’ future.

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