Sony’s Alleged PS5 Slim Reveal, Rumors and Speculations

Rumors are flying that Sony may soon announce a Slim version of its PlayStation 5 (PS5). The potential announcement, rumored to be slated for an August PlayStation event, was hinted at in the fallout from Microsoft’s recent trial with the US Federal Trade Commission over its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

According to insiders, Microsoft revealed that they expect Sony to launch a Slim version of the PS5 later this year. Speculation suggests a price point of $399.99, although Sony has yet to make any official announcement. Xbox Era’s Nick Baker responded to a cryptic tweet by The Snitch, suggesting that Sony may reveal the Slim PS5 model at the August PlayStation event. He also hinted that Sony could move the reveal forward as a strategic countermove following.

It was initially believed that the mentioned PS5 model could be the previously rumored version with a detachable disc drive. However, the recent leaks point to a completely different Slim model.

However, it all remains speculative until Sony gives an official statement. It’s worth noting that hardware revisions are a common occurrence in the gaming console market. Sony and Microsoft have a history of releasing slim, enhanced, or different versions of their consoles mid-cycle.

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