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The Division 2 TU 18.2 Released, Patch Notes and more

Ubisoft has rolled out The Division 2 update 18.2 on all platforms, featuring an array of bug fixes and launching a new apparel event. This update addresses various in-game issues, delivers new content, and enhances gameplay. You can find the complete patch notes below.

The Division 2 TU 18.2 PATCH NOTES


  • Escalation Apparel Event is scheduled to start once the maintenance on July 4th is over


  • Fixed the issue that prevented The Determined Talent and its Perfect version from triggering after restarting any mission with the Talent being active
  • Fixed the issue where TODO items would show up in the game
  • Fixed the issue with The Unbreakable Talent and its Perfect version not functioning as they supposed to after being triggered once, no longer repairing the agent’s armor upon breaking
  • Moved G28 MMR from Rifle to MMR category at the Crafting Station.
  • Fixed the issue with the Habsburg Guard Brand Set pieces and its Named items missing requirement for any “Habsburg Guard Materials” for crafting at the Crafting Station
  • Fixed the issue with the reload animation for The Capacitator Exotic Assault Rifle
  • Fixed the issue that allowed deconstructing following Brand & Gear Sets’ blueprints dropping from level 4 Control Points’ Supply Room caches:
    • Uzina Getica Brand Set
    • Brazos de Arcabuz Brand Set
    • Habsburg Guard Brand Set
    • Umbra Initiative Gear Set
    • Hotshot Gear Set


  • Fixed the issue with Nemesis spawning again after initially being killed following a player revival
  • Fixed the issue with Weekly Descend project that could be completed twice if the player beat the Nemesis before completing the main Descent Project, restarting the game and thus resetting the Weekly Descent Project
  • Fixed the issue with the Weekly Descent Projects resetting 8 hours earlier than the rest of the projects.
  • Fixed the issue that caused players to remain in the group after disconnection while interacting with the menu
  • Added missing names for Claire and Alexander Ortiz Robotics employees
  • Fixed the issue with the Agent’s arm patch being misaligned


  • Fixed the issue with the “Show Mask” button not registering the “Hold” input from a controller
  • Fixed the issue with the “Hide Signature Weapon” button not registering the “Hold” input when using a controller
  • Fixed the issue with the “Stop Matchmaking” button remaining inactive while matchmaking for any Bounty
  • Fixed the issue with the Twinkling Lights Talent placeholder icon missing for the Oh Carol Named MR
  • Fixed the issue with the guiding marker not pointing to the Descent Entrance


  • Fixed the issue with the FPS dropping down upon opening any Vanity Category in the Apparel Menu
  • Fixed minor clipping issue with the female agent’s model left-hand sleeve


  • Fixed the issue with the Eva Garcia’s Takeover Bounty not triggering the VO lines upon spawning the Bounty Target Boss and completing the Bounty


  • Fixed the issue with the first shutter door remaining open when the Raid Leader resets the Iron Horse Raid during the door opening sequence


  • Added multiple localization fixes
  • Fixed the issue allowing to spam other players with Invites if the host quickly press “Invite to group” repeatedly from the in-game social menu

The Division 2’s TU 18.2 is set to enhance player experience significantly. It addresses several gameplay and technical issues and brings exciting new content for players to explore. Don’t miss out on the Escalation Apparel Event that begins on July 4th.

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