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Phasmophobia Ascension Hotfix v0.9.0.1, Notes and More

New update for Phasmophobia has just rolled out, and developers are wasting no time refining the experience. Hotfix v0.9.0.1 brings many changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements to ensure that your ghost-hunting sessions are more immersive and less glitchy.

Phasmophobia Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.1


  • DOTS T1 is now placeable on most surfaces like Firelights
  • Added instructions to the shop descriptions of Head Gear, explaining how to turn them on or off


  • Igniter T3 is no longer consumable
  • Glowsticks will now be the correct brightness when dimmed
  • Crucifix T3 Range is now correctly 5m
  • Removed the 1s delay on the Incense hunt effects
  • Reduced the volume of the car alarm
  • Significantly improved performance of saving and loading from the save file
  • Motion sensor T2 now swaps between a single line, double line and off
  • Temporarily removed the VR social screen mode due to severe performance issues


  • The Incense hunt effect duration will no longer sometimes set to 0 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where if you haven’t played for a long time, you would be wiped to prestige 0
  • Incense will no longer use its ghost effects when you are not near the ghost
  • Crucifixes have received several scale fixes, improving consistency
  • Anti-virus software should no longer stop you from having read/write access to the save file
  • Corrupt save files will now revert to the cloud backup
  • Ghost sound effects now have the correct volume distance falloff
  • T2 Motion sensors no longer turn off when toggling the modes
  • Main menu performance has been improved
  • The wall telephones found in the farmhouses will now let you take interaction photos
  • Potential fix for the Incense T1 glowing
  • One Matchstick is no longer glowing
  • Equipment list text will no longer overlap the item icons
  • The “Next” button on the Legacy Badge screen will now scale correctly when translated
  • You can now get past the splash screen if you fail to connect to the unity servers
  • The legacy badge will no longer clip into one of the female model’s arms
  • After a game in challenge mode, you will no longer be set as a hacker
  • Challenge mode will no longer be different weather for each player
  • Challenge mode will no longer be different cursed item for each player
  • Potential fix for not being able to exit a map if a player crashed while loading
  • Flashlights now cost $30
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