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Phasmophobia overhauls the shop with update v0.9.5.0

Phasmophobia received a new update, providing a complete shop overhaul. The update also provides new accessibility options, changes and fixes. For the complete patch notes, check below.


Based on player feedback, the shop has had a complete overhaul!

  • 3 separate pages for more intuitive usage
  • Easy buy options for controller
  • Renamable loadouts
  • Player-specific colours for supplied equipment
  • Quick shortcuts to navigate between screens to unlock equipment
  • Full tutorial for each page
  • Shortcuts for gamepad users


New accessibility options:

  • You can now customize each player’s color for many areas in the game:
    • Main menu stickers
    • Shop interface
    • Sanity screen in the truck
  • You can now customize your cursor
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Opacity
    • Size
    • Additional options when highlighting objects
    Note: VR players can only adjust their highlight cursors colour and opacity


  • You can no longer receive a photo of a DOTS ghost while it’s not inside a DOTS Projector’s light
  • You can now rotate the Sound Sensor III whilst placing it
  • Greatly improved the DOTS Ghosts AI navigation, this will result in more consistent evidence across the board
  • Reduced the brightness of the Journal
  • Reduced the volume of various sounds



  • Improved the AI pathing for the Phantom and Wraith abilities
  • Ouija board will now break if you do not have enough sanity to use it instead of answering a question then breaking
  • The shop screensaver will no longer appear and disappear when walking into/away from the shop screen in non-VR
  • Fixed a ghost AI navigation issue on the Tanglewood living room
  • DOTS Ghosts AI navigation will now work correctly when you are in the same room as the ghost
  • Ghosts can now correctly interact with all telephones
  • The grandfather clock ghost interaction now works correctly
  • The sound sensor “offline“ text is now translated for non-English languages
  • You can now swap to the ‘Blocked Players’ page using the gamepad shoulder buttons
  • The Sunny Meadows Apocalypse sticker will now show during single player
  • You can no longer back out of the menu with a gamepad while the Journal is open
  • You can no longer use the Main Menu left and right UI arrows while the Journal is open
  • The Haunted Mirror will now correctly break straight away if you do not have enough sanity (20%)
  • Gamepad ‘Local push to talk’ rebind tape is now the correct image


  • VR players can now prestige
  • Sound sensor III can now have its shape changed in VR
  • Motion sensor II can now have its shape changed in VR (while placed)
  • Up and down arrows now work in the VR journal
  • You can swap between hold and toggle grab types again in VR
  • You can now drop the Sound Sensor III in VR
  • Fixed a lag spike when a VR player joins the game
  • The VR Journal sounds can no longer be heard from far away
  • Spirit Box 3 VR text voice recognition now works
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