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Phasmophobia Ascension Gets Minor Update v0.9.4.0, Patch Notes and more

In the latest minor update for Phasmophobia Ascension (v0.9.4.0), players are in for a treat as the game’s lighting system receives a comprehensive overhaul. As we bid farewell to the Holiday event, the game welcomes an array of enhancements designed to elevate the gaming experience.

This update includes new graphics settings, improved ambient lighting, and adjustments to in-game elements for more realistic and immersive gameplay. Additionally, several quality-of-life changes have been introduced, addressing player feedback and fine-tuning various aspects of the game. You can find the patch notes below.

Phasmophobia Ascension | Minor Update v0.9.4.0

  • New graphics settings have been added to the Journal (Currently not available for VR and requires a graphics card):
    • Eye Adaption: Simulates your eyes adjusting to light or dark areas over time
    • Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI): Simulates bounced lighting; making lighting and shadows look less dark. This may affect performance so there are three quality settings.
  • Static lighting has been overhauled in all locations
  • Ambient light has been increased
  • Light from outside sources (moon, street lights) will now shine through windows
  • Larger rooms or rooms with darker materials such as farm houses may look darker, however this is intended


  • Removed the Holiday Event
  • Reflections will now update quicker and more consistently when lights are toggled on or off
  • The brightness slider has been adjusted to 0%-250% and its maximum value lowered slightly due to the new brighter ambient light
  • The cursor brightness slider has been adjusted to be 0%-100%
  • Moved the wardrobe and lights in the Nursery in Grafton for better lighting
  • Adjusted the range and brightness of the passive player light
  • Adjusted the range and brightness of several location lights to make them more realistic
  • Grafton hiding spots
    • The upstairs hallway armchair and nursery crib are now hiding zones and can be blocked
    • The upstairs armchair has been moved closer to the wall to make it safer
  • Adjusted the player post processing to give slightly more cinematic colours
  • Improved performance when toggling the fuse box
  • Ghost writing books can no longer be thrown by a poltergeist ability


  • Metallic door knobs are now shiny again
  • Fixed several safe spots in Willow
  • “Deja Vu” weekly challenge now has the correct items
  • “Glow in the Dark” weekly challenge now has the Fuse Box as the correct state: Broken
  • “Hide and Seek: Extreme” weekly challenge now correctly has 3 evidence
  • Adjusted several reflection probes in Tanglewood to stop glowing objects when a light is turned on in a different room
  • You can now take a photo of the Sunny Meadows summoning circle
  • Motion sensors now correctly show detections on the truck map
  • Fixed safe spots in the Sunny Meadows male room 5 and Maple Campsite Storage Tent 2
  • The ghost can no longer get stuck on the fallen down locker in the School hallway
  • Campsite A and B in Maple Lodge Campsite will now work correctly
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